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March 18, 2010

I don’t really have much to say today. At least I don’t think I do. Let’s see what comes out:

It’s been a lovely day, weather wise, and I’ve actually gotten a lot of work done despite the sun tempting me through my office window.

Today is Thursday, which means my weekly date with my sister (and now CJ). We’ve been having weekly dates since she moved out almost four years ago. We’re alternating houses and tonight it’s my place for our get together. We usually have dinner (tonight is tomato and goat cheese ravioli and asparagus) and watch TV, especially Grey’s Anatomy (if it’s new). Now that CJ has arrived, there’s usually a lot of playtime and focus on her, but I love that the three of us can spend time together. I hope someday that CJ has someone as important in her life as my sister is to me. If it’s not a sister, than a best friend. There’s nothing like it!

Tonight I’ve given my sister the additional task of dying my hair. I can’t remember when we dyed it last, which means I’m way overdue! Tomorrow I shall be topped with “Chocolate Caramel”, a lovely dark auburn colour. Makes my big blue eyes and pale complexion pop!

Something funny has occurred over the past few months. I don’t watch as much TV as I used to. Or I should say, the number of shows I “must” see has drastically reduced. I used to have something every night I wanted to see, but now I’m down to just Bones and Grey’s Anatomy (and Being Erica but it’s finished for the season). I still occasionally catch NCIS, but I’ve actually removed a lot of shows from my PVR. I used to be a TV addict, likening it to reading, but with actual people. Stories come to life. But somehow it’s lost interest and I’m not sure when or how that happened. Is it age? Is it lack of quality? Is it boredom with the same shows that are into their 5th or 6th seasons?  Who knows!I find myself watching more movies than anything (thank goodness for the Movie Network).

I don’t necessarily feel good about it,  just different. I’m not lacking things to do without it, that’s for sure. However, you’re not going to find me giving up my VIP HD PVR service anytime soon. The thought makes me panic.

Well. I had more to say than I thought!

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