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One Giant Ramble

May 27, 2015

On I’m Alive…

Gasp! I know, you’re surprised to ‘see’ me. I hate that it’s been so long. There are moments everyday when I think “I should blog about xyz” but it just doesn’t happen. I could blame the kids. I could blame work. I could blame keeping house. But the truth is that in my free time (and I have time to myself during my commute to and from work, so free time does exist),  I don’t want to think. Thinking is exhausting and thoughts are required to write. I’ll read or play candy crush, anything really except think.

It’s not like I don’t have things to share.

I would love to chat about:

● the recent changes to our sex education curriculum in Ontario (finally!)
● the #normalizebreastfeeding campaign (yes!!!)
● how in my opinion, the language so called experts use to describe child rearing is detrimental to mothers (bad habits, accidental parenting etc)

I would love to write properly about:

● the gorgeous pie I made recently (visit my instagram to see a pic)
● my attempt at baking macarons  (again, instagram…not much thinking required with instagram)
● all the family friendly crock pot meals I’ve been making
● how meal planning is making our lives so much easier
● our closet renovation (it makes me swoon)
● saying farewell to my maternity clothes

You wouldn’t believe:

● how big Oliver is getting
● how fast he toddles around
● that Molly is learning about time (“not in a minute mommy, in a second!”) And distance (“my house is far away”) and can count by tens

But to expand on all of that seems exhausting. Oliver still wakes several times a night. On work days I’m up at 5:30 and not much later than that on days off. If I’m not working I’m cleaning or playing or cooking or nursing. Most nights I’m in bed shortly after the kids, and on really good nights I catch an hour or so of time with the hubby before I conk out.

So I am indeed alive. And very much living my life. I just wish I had the brain power to write about it!!

Someday I’ll get my thoughts back. Just you wait! You won’t be able to get rid of me then

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