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Here fishy, fishy, fishy

March 20, 2010

Cheaters never prosper. I cheated on a Wii game last night. I looked up the final answer online. But in my defense, I’ve spent HOURS trying to find the last few information points in Island Flyover (one of the games in Sports Resort). I had hoped that once I found the final point a huge celebration would take place on screen, but all I got was a congratulations banner and a vacation house built on the desert island with my Mii’s face on it. Still, I suppose I should be satisfied that I only had to cheat by looking up one point of eighty in total. That’s not too bad! I’m totally going to ask for Wii for Christmas. So much fun!

Today is the day my hormones take control of my mood and turn me from happy C into blue C. I’m not too blue, but I just have no motivation. I made it out for a few errands and stopped in to see my sister and CJ for a bit, which was nice. Then I headed back home, stopping in at the grocery store to pick up some eats for supper. I got the makings for pizza and treated myself to a yummy dessert called Caramel Crunch.

yummy goodness

It’s been a favourite of mine for years, but I haven’t had it in quite some time. I just had it and it’s exactly as I remember! So good. That lightened my mood a bit.  And now I’m sitting here (by myself, because I’m never good company when my mood is like this; I’m not angry or anything, just blah but recognize my limitations) watching Season 4 of Bones. David Boreanaz is a sure fire cure for the hormonal blues! He does a VERY good job of swinging my hormones in a more positive direction!

More yummy goodness

P.S. the fishies in my header are from the Toronto Zoo.

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