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April 8, 2015

On It’s Been Awhile…

It’s been forever, I know. Our new way of life, with me as a working mom, is crazy busy! And that’s just working three days a week!


The first weeks back at work have been great. I’m getting used to the routine of things and settling back into my job.

On Missing My Kids…
It’s strange to say, but I like missing my kids. I like feeling excited to see them when I pick them up. I like listening to their chatter. I feel like I appreciate them more and that’s a good feeling.
Winter was hard. It was so incredibly cold and we were housebound a lot. By the end of those days I was exhausted and just wanted them to sleep. I didn’t like wishing away time with my babies and though I would obviously prefer to be at home with them now, I’m in a much better mental state than I was. It wasn’t depression, rather a mental exhaustion from being vigilant all the time. Being at work gives my mind a rest and it’s making me a better mom.

On Oliver…
My baby is walking!! He took his first real steps last Thursday and hasn’t looked back. I’m just thrilled I was able to see it and he didn’t do it at day care. Speaking of, he’s doing really well there. Every day I get a positive report. It’s really comforting to me to know he’s being cared for so well.
We’re still going strong with nursing. He’s showing no signs of stopping and I’m fine with that right now, though I wouldn’t be sad if he stopped nursing at night. He’s still waking several times and it’s tough. But I still want to give him a chance to sleep through on his own, just like Molly did at 14 months.

On Molly…
Oh Miss Molly. Every day she entertains us with her chatter and antics. She’s learning her numbers and letters and loves to sing us songs. Her imagination is rampant and I’m amazed at how well she plays, both on her own and with others. One moment I just have to share happened this past easter weekend. I asked her if she was ready for the Easter egg hunt. She then kept asking for the Easter c*nt. A and I couldn’t stop laughing!  She combined the sounds of egg and hunt into one inappropriate sounding event!

On Me…
I’ve been sick for a month. It’s awful!  But that’s how it is when your kids are in day care and are germ factories. But I take heart. My doctor said to me once that either they’re in day care now, exposed to the germs, or we isolate them now and they’re exposed when they go to school. I’m hoping we’ll all have iron strong immune systems by that point 🙂
Other than that, I’m great. My weight is holding nicely and my clothes are even a little loose. Though Easter treats may take care of that problem.
We’re settling into our daily routine. My meal planning effots are working out nicely and I hope to post about it soon. The kids tend to melt down after 6:45 on work nights so having quick meals ready to go has been key.

Overall,  I’m feeling good about things. I wish I could blog more but it is what it is. Maybe once I’m getting more sleep and not going to bed at 8:30-9pm I’ll be able to get more done. I’ll worry about that when the time comes 🙂

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