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The Next Phase

March 2, 2015

This week we begin a new phase in our lives! The past year on maternity has been wonderful (though challenging) but I always knew it was temporary. I’m eager to start getting back to ‘normal’ and several things are happening this week that make that possible. 

The kids start day care three days a week tomorrow. Molly’s been going there one day a week since Oliver was born, so I’m not worried about her. My little mister though, is very much mama’s boy right now, so I’m guessing his transition won’t be as easy. I have left him for several hours before but this is a bit different since he won’t be in his own environment. I’m glad we decided to start them before I go back to work, so that any extra neediness at night can be supplemented by naps (my own) during the day. 
Sending him to day care also begins the weaning process. I’m hoping to follow the same routine I did when Molly first started going to day care. I’ll nurse him in the morning and evening, before bed and as needed in the night. I’m crossing my fingers he’ll night wean himself soon and then we’ll practice “don’t offer, don’t refuse”. Molly was done nursing by 16 months and I have a similar goal in mind with Oliver. But I’m going to be flexible. Maybe he’ll stop sooner! Who knows? 
We also received confirmation today that the baby making biz is officially closed! It’s super weird to be done with that stage of our lives but I’m very excited to focus on raising our two beautiful children. 
It also means that A and I can start focusing a bit more on our own relationship. We’re in a great place, but having kids changed things, as having kids will do. For most of our relationship we’ve either been trying to get pregnant, pregnant or taking care of small babies. We still have some time until we’re out of the ‘young children’ stage but for the first time in a while we can look ahead and see time for ourselves. It’s our three year wedding anniversary tomorrow and A has booked Wednesday off of work for us to spend together, kid-free! 
A lot of exciting things happening around here! I’m nervous and a bit apprehensive about some of them (read: Oliver in day care) but on the whole know that it’s what’s best for our family. 
Wish us luck! 
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  1. March 3, 2015 10:43 am

    Good luck!
    I, on the other hand, am looking forward to NOT working any longer and getting my SAHM routine back. I lost some ground with Isla by going back to work and I’m looking forward to getting it back. (Although it’s going to be a challenge at first, I’m sure.)

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