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Two and Through

October 7, 2014

My personal Facebook news feed is abundant with announcements these days. From weddings to pregnancy announcements to pregnancy updates and beautiful new babies, life is really happening right now and it has me feeling…wishful, I guess is an appropriate word…that those events were still on the horizon for me. Combine that with watching my children grow and flourish, particularly Oliver as he develops at an astounding rate, and hubby booking his appointment to ensure our family planning is complete, and on occasion you might just call me green with envy.
It’s a strange feeling to be moving on from the Build a Family chapter in the never ending story that is our life together. It was my focus for so long and for the past three years we not only got married but had two kids. A lot has happened!
When A came home from his consult regarding his vasectomy, we were both in a state of confusion and were questioning our decision to be “two and through”. Faced with such an irreversible decision, Did we truly want to stop after two? We make really awesome babies after all. Could three work for us?
We really didn’t question ourselves for too long. The reality? No. We don’t want more kids. The very real financial and space limitations aside, I don’t think I can handle being pregnant again. The physical pain I endured (darn ligaments!) and the emotional and mental stress of being pregnant after suffering a miscarriage with our first pregnancy…well, as much as I love and cherish my children, I just can’t do it again.
So two and through it is and you know what? There are plenty of reasons to be happy about that and plenty to look forward to. #1 on that list? Both kids sleeping through the night 🙂
Sure, some pretty major life events are over but we now have the opportunity to really focus on nourishing and growing what we have. On being a family. And that is a very good thing.



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