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“Is Better”

August 25, 2014

I think we have emerged from the fog that was the four month sleep regression/major developmental leap/transitioning both kids into new beds/everyone had colds (me the worst, of course) era. Those were a rough few weeks, but as Molly says: “is better”.

Molly has made the adjustment to sleeping in her big girl bed quite well. We’re still fine tuning the routine a bit, but after appeasing most of her ‘needs’, we can leave her fussing a bit and she’ll stay in bed and go to sleep within a few minutes. Yay!

When we made the switch with Molly, I jumped on moving Oliver into his own room. Despite the fact that he was still waking several times a night at that point, it was time. I needed what little sleep I was getting to be quality sleep and that just wasn’t happening with him in our room where I could hear every little sound he made. It was tough for a bit but he is sleeping much better now. His naps still need some work as far as length (though yesterday he gave me a two hour stretch!) but it’s his nights that have drastically improved. He’s only been waking once after I go to bed, which is a dream for me. I’m completely ok with him getting up to nurse once in the night. It’s usually only a half hour max that I’m awake. He’s five months now and past the four month developmental leap so we’re in the clear. Until the next one that is…

Health wise we are all in a better place. None of us seemed to get better after the hand foot and mouth debacle, which is probably why we all ended up with head colds at the end of July. I was the last to get it and of course mine turned into a sinus infection. Goody! But antibiotics cleared me up and I haven’t felt this good in a long time.
Part of that though is that I’ve been consciously increasing my level of activity. I bought a fitbit to give me the encouragement I need to get moving. I love monitoring my steps and striving towards my daily goal. A week or so ago I was only a few hundred steps from 10,000 so I jogged in place until I reached it. Little bits count!
I’ve been making sure to get as many walks in with the kids that I can, since that’s my best option for working out right now. I’ve also created a little routine when I’m rocking Oliver to sleep. He loves to bounce and since my fitbit records my steps even when I’m just bopping back and forth, I decided to start doing kick-backs and side-kicks with my legs. It gets my heart pumping and the baby loves it!
It all seems to be working because I’ve lost another 5 lbs! I’m just one pound shy of my pre-pregnant with Oliver weight. Some of that I attribute to cutting out dairy but moving more is key. I’m still 10 away from my pre-Molly weight but it’s looking more attainable every day.
Speaking of cutting dairy, that’s going well too! I miss cow cheese the most but am finding great alternatives to use. We visited a local cheese shop recently where I picked up a sheep cheese similar to mozzarella (for pizza) and two goat cheddars (for mac and cheese). The pizza turned out really well!
I’m using coconut oil A LOT in place of butter. I get the Carrington Farms brand from Costco. My favourite way to use it right now is to smear it on my morning toast and then drizzle it with honey. Yum!

In other areas of life, A has a few leads on potential jobs, so things are looking good there. We’ve been taking family walks and visiting the various parks around our town for Molly to play. Lots of time has been spent with my sister and her kids. The two of us and our kids headed to her husband’s family cottage for a couple of days last week. Not exactly a relaxing getaway for us but it was scenic at least! I’m sad she’s back to school this week (she’s a teacher).

And that’s as much of an update as I can do right now. Looking back through it seems like enough 🙂

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