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Big Girl Steps

August 5, 2014

Just a few days shy of her second birthday, we decided to try Molly out in her big girl bed last night. I told A not to force it, that we would take it slow and let her get used to the idea. After 45 minutes of trying, I called ‘time’ and put her to bed in her crib…which she promptly climbed out of!! One leg over without hesitation
(I watched on the monitor) and would have made it to the ground if I hadn’t burst through the door and grabbed her. She would have been fine and made it safely but I was worried about her doing it in the night, half asleep.

No more taking our time; the big girl bed was happening!

I took her back in and was treated to the litany of excuses that are innate in toddlers: one more book, mummy kiss, water please – at least she remembered her manners there – knee hurt bandaid, I potty, where baby (she has four in bed with her), where buddy (non-baby stuffies)…at one point she was even preening like a bird, chirping “Molly pretty. Pretty Molly”. If I hadn’t been so tired it would have been funny!
I was finally able to keep her lying down by sitting next to the bed and patting her back (I’ll worry about breaking bad habits later). If she even threatened to roll over (she sleeps on her tummy), I started to get up and leave. She fell asleep after a few minutes, I slowly moved out of the room and I’m happy to say she slept the whole night through!

Tonight was a similar scene and she was asleep 10 minutes earlier than before, though later than we would like (8:10). A started off with the duty getting her settled and once I got Oliver down, I took over. After dealing with excuse after excuse after excuse, frustration sets in and a break is most needed 🙂
It’s going to take time for her to adjust. We just have to be patient and stick to our guns. But oh, how proud she was when I opened the door for her this morning. “Molly big girl bed” she said with a sleepy smile. My baby is growing up!

Our next challenge: dealing with the inevitable occurrence of her falling out of bed (see above pic…she’s moved herself close to the non-guarded section of her bed!). Her reaction could really go either way!

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  1. August 6, 2014 10:14 am

    on the package of our bed rail it said it should be secured at least a foot away from the head board… perhaps move it to the middle to avoid falling?

  2. August 6, 2014 11:03 am

    Isla’s first night in her “big girl” bed went about the same way. She freaked out for about 15 minutes before just realizing she was too tired to fight with us, haha.

    I’d definitely move the bed rail into the middle of her bed to keep her from falling out! I’m sure if/when she falls, you’ll have to start all over with getting her used to her bed again.

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