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One Quick Trip to the Rock!

July 30, 2014

Oliver and I landed in St. John’s very late Thursday night at 12:30am (technically Friday morning I guess) and we took off back to Toronto at 1:30pm on Sunday. Between landing and take off we:

– souvenir shopped downtown Friday afternoon
-attended a pre-wedding soirée Friday evening hosted by my aunt at her house where I’m sure every woman there had hold of my adorable son 🙂
– visited my oldest friend (since we were five) Saturday morning and got caught up with her
-visited friends of the family for lunch that same day
-managed to survive the heat of the day enough to get myself ready for the wedding (it’s not usually so warm there and so no one has air conditioning in their houses)
-went to my cousin’s lovely wedding at the Sheraton Hotel, which includes a blissfully short ceremony followed immediately by cocktails and a sit down dinner: we didn’t stay for dancing as my dad was really sick with a sinus infection and Oliver stubbornly refused to sleep

A lot right? And I realized when I got home that the only pictures I took were this one of Oliver sleeping on the plane (proof that he slept…both ways actually, for almost the entire time!):

And this one of a plate of cod tongues I had for lunch on Friday (thank you to my parents guest fisherman who brought us these!):

It’s hard trying to take pics with a baby! Speaking of, he was amazing. No major melt downs and content most of the trip! I was surprised and very much impressed.

All in all it was very much worth going to see all my family and friends and have them meet Oliver. We’re hoping that next year all four of us can go, for more than three days 🙂

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  1. July 31, 2014 9:30 pm

    It sounds like you had a good time! I’m glad Oliver was good. I love it when babies seem to know when they have to behave 🙂

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