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July 24, 2014

On Vacation…

Oliver and I are off to Newfoundland tonight! A is staying home with Molly. It was too expensive for us both to go. My parents are there for a few weeks, so they’ll be able to help with the baby. It’s going to be a busy trip trying to pack in visits with friends, my cousins wedding, shopping and a cod tongue meal in just a few days but we are up to the challenge! Luckily Oliver is still flexible in where he sleeps. I’ll miss A and Molly desperately, but am looking forward to this getaway!

On Technology…

Technology is my friend and enemy this week. My frenemy if you will. On my good side is our Chromecast. We loooove it! Though to be fair we’ve only used it for Netflix so far and some You Tube streaming. We haven’t really attempted casting from the Chrome browser yet since it’s off season for TV. I suppose this fall will be the real test. If all goes well we’ll get one for all our TV’s. This Monday we have our cable disconnected, so we’re dedicated to internet TV, at least for the time being!
And on my bad side is my laptop. It died. Again. This time with no warning. Luckily it doesn’t seem to be a hard drive issue like before which caused the devastating loss of pictures and videos (which I’ve been backing up…whew!). We have to take it in and see how much it’ll be to fix. Too much and I’ll be using A’s computer for a while 😦

On the Kids…

Molly turns two in two weeks, can you believe it?? I’m slowly getting things ready for our family BBQ and today we’re off to Toys R Us to get her present (a play kitchen! They’re on sale this week).
While there we’re going to check out car seats for Oliver. At his check up he weighed 17 lb 9 oz. The limit for our infant carrier is 22 lb. It could be some time before he reaches that weight but the fact is he’s getting really heavy to lift in the carrier! I also think he’s not comfortable in it while travelling. It took us over five hours to get home from the cottage the other day, normally a three hour drive. But we had to stop many times to calm master Oliver’s discontent. A larger seat may help with that, though it makes me sad to give up the convenience of the infant seat.
When I’m back from my trip, we’re transitioning Molly into her big girl room! I’m ready for Oliver to be in his own space and Molly has been making motions to climb out of her crib. It’s going to be interesting!

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