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June 29, 2014

On Oliver…
Just over three months old, master Oliver is keeping us on our toes! Molly hardly ever cried as a baby; Oliver is making up for what we missed with her šŸ™‚
On the whole, he’s a good baby. He’s just very vocal about any discontent he’s feeling.


Sleep-wise we’re doing well! The other night he slept from 8:30-6, and last night he slept 8-4 and then back to sleep from 4:30-7:15. I have no problems with him getting up once to nurse but am under no illusions this will last. I’ll enjoy it while I can!

On Molly…
Molly is….awesome. She’s smart and funny and I can’t believe our baby girl will be two in just over a month! Oh she has her moments where she drives us crazy and I wonder what we were thinking by having kids, but then she’ll do something adorable like calling all her stuffed animals ‘my buddy’ or call me ‘honey’ because that’s what she hears A call me (she’ll call him ‘babe’) and all is forgiven.

Her hair is driving me nuts though. I’m not a stickler for it being neat and tidy all the time…she’s a kid, neat and tidy shouldn’t be a necessity. But it’s crazy at times. She was cursed with a double crown (curtesy of me) and her hair grows in all directions. Once it’s longer it’ll be easier to manage.

On Me…
Almost 10 pounds lost on weight watchers! 10 more to go until I reach my first goal. Another 10 after that for my second goal, but I’m not counting on that until after I’m done nursing.
I think we’ve come out of the newborn haze. Despite the fact that Oliver is in a ‘hold me’ phase and Molly really lovers mommy right now, things feel more manageable. Of course that’s partly because A is still home. No luck quite yet in the job department. He’s had some nibbles but it’s such a tough market right now!

On TV…
We’ve made the decision to cancel our cable. All of it. We’re going to focus on watching Netflix and other shows on the internet. Most stations these days will broadcast new shows on the internet after they air. It’s partly financial; it’ll save us a ton each month. But it’s also an exercise in not having the TV on all the time. Molly doesn’t pay attention to it but we watch more than we should. So we’ll see how it goes! We’ve ordered a Google Chromecast to help with the Internet TV option. Fingers crossed it works well for us!

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