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June 8, 2014

I feel like so much has been happening and yet I can’t think of what. Basically we take each day as it comes. That sounds like things are rough. They’re not, but taking care of two kids full time is not a walk in the park! Even with both A and I here to manage, we still have a hard time keeping on top of things.

Our days are filled with trying to keep Molly busy and with her nap starting around noon, that means outings in the morning when we can. We bought a seasons pass to the local zoo (not the Toronto Zoo), take walks around the neighbourhood, visit parks, run errands etc. After her nap we’ll take a walk or spend time in the backyard.
As much as she challenges us with her toddler antics, we are really enjoying her. Her vocabulary is exploding! And we are knee deep with potty training. I didn’t want to be focusing so much on it right now but she’s giving us no choice. She asks to use the potty and has been consistently going #1. How can we refuse? It’s a slow process and I know there are faster methods but I’m ok with going at her pace right now.

As for Mister Oliver, he’s doing pretty good! Both kids are getting over colds so that’s been fun. And he’s at the end of a Wonder Weeks phase. Also fun. But he’s growing leaps and bounds, both in size (at his two month appointment he was almost 15 lbs and he’s wearing six month clothes) and developmentally (his smiles are infections!). Sleep wise he is waking 2-3 times a night, but with a 4-6 hour stretch at the beginning of the night starting around 8pm. I’m lucky that both kids nap around the same time in the afternoon and I can take a nap if needed.

And what’s up with me? I’m three weeks into Weight Watchers and have lost five pounds! I’m making healthier choices but pretty much eating what I want, just managing portion size. I refuse to eat anything low fat, fat free or sugar free so I either don’t eat the real version if it’s too many points or eat a small quantity of the real thing (ie. cheese). I’ve had a couple of binge nights (cough*oreos*cough) after rough days but feel good about how things are going! I’m attempting the 30 day ab challenge that’s floating around Facebook so we’ll see how that goes.

I’ve been having fun getting our gardens together. We’re not doing veggies this year, other than some lettuce. In fact, we took out one of the raised beds and filled it in with sod so that we’d have more room for the kids to play. I’ve planted some low maintenance annuals in the remaining bed and in containers around the yard to pretty things up a bit. I’m hoping to spend lots of time out there this summer and want it to be comfortable and inviting.

I’m starting to find myself together enough to cook more. Eating healthier is certainly a motivation but I’ve also learned that my kitchen is my happy place. I can be having an incredibly frustrating day but putting together even a simple salad balances me out and I emerge a much calmer person.

I’ve been enjoying the crepe pan I got for our wedding anniversary (what else do you get a girl who doesn’t wear jewelry?), and just the other day made muffins using some silicone muffin cups we picked up on a trip to Kitchen Stuff Plus. Another fun tool A discovered for me was a dumpling press. You can make Asian dumplings, filled pasta, pierogies etc. I can’t wait to use it!
Since I’m nursing I’ve been pinning like crazy on Pinterest and have gads of recipes I want to try.
I’ve also been reading while I nurse! I caved to technology and downloaded the Kindle app. I’m a huge fan of books but holding one while nursing is tricky. It’s easy to just prop the iPad up and go! I’ve been reading the Divergent series, the Mortal Instruments series and right now the Beautiful Creatures series. That’s a lot if young adult fiction, so up next are some adult thrillers by Steve Berry and James Rollins. It feels so good to be reading again!

Summer plans? I’ve booked a weekend trip to Newfoundland for the end of July. My cousin is getting married and I really want to go! It’ll be just Oliver and I. It would be too expensive for both A and I to go, so he’s staying home with Molly.
Other than that, nothing big is planned. Visits to A’s parents and to my parents trailer are sure to happen and there’s Molly’s second birthday to look forward to in August! I can’t believe my baby girl will be two!

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  1. June 8, 2014 10:49 pm

    Oliver must be a good baby. I cannot even imagine having Timothy at home with me. Zachary is remarkably needy and fussy. On weekends I feel that most of the time when both kids are awake and neither one is eating, one of them is crying 😦

    • June 9, 2014 8:00 am

      He’s not as easy as Molly was, that’s for sure! He’s got a lot of gas which makes him a lot fussier. But my hubby is home (still looking for work) which helps keep the sanity!

      • June 9, 2014 8:41 am

        oh – yeah, that helps (with the kids)…
        but I wish him a quick new (and fabulous) job!

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