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Friday Ramblings

May 16, 2014

I don’t know how long I have.

That sounds morbid or like I’m running from the authorities. Which in a way I am I guess. The kid authority.

My husband and daughter are sleep. Oliver is chilling in a chair beside me, letting out the occasional coo and half laugh, while I enjoy my morning coffee and listen to the rain.

Peace. And a good time to start a post! There’s lots to catch up on.

On Oliver…

Our little man is eight weeks old today! How did the past two months go by so quickly? He’s changed so much! At his two month appointment on Wednesday, he weighed 14 pounds 6.5 ounces and was 25 inches long! I had to go out and buy him some six month sized sleepers last week. He’s a big boy but not fat. Sturdy I’d call him. He’s never been a fragile baby!
He started smiling last week, which is awesome. There is nothing like a baby’s first smiles. He had his first cold a couple of weeks ago that we managed to navigate our way through. There were a few rough nights where he had trouble sleeping due to sniffling but they passed.
He’s on somewhat of a predictable schedule. He’ll wake around 7am, cat nap all morning then settle down for a long nap, anywhere from 2-4 hours, around the same time Molly goes down for her sleep. Those naps are bliss for me, allowing me time to do chores or, more likely, nap. When he wakes he’ll cat nap again until between 8-9pm when he’ll go down for a long stretch, generally 4-6 hours. Night times are a bit erratic, but on the whole he’s usually up twice, around 2 and 4am. He eats and goes right back to sleep, within 15-20 minutes.
Speaking of eating, it’s amazing how different babies are! Molly fed quite frequently and was very much a comfort nurser. But because of his reflux and gas issues, Oliver does much better with longer times between feedings and doesn’t care for comfort nursing that much. We’ve been able to successfully give him a pacifier now and then for comfort but mostly he just wants to be held upright and facing out.

On Molly…

What to say about Miss Molly? She amazes us each and every day with how fast she’s developing and growing.
Much to my chagrin, we’re firmly entrenched in potty training. I hadn’t wanted to be doing it this early, not with a new baby, but she’s given us no choice. When she has to go, she yells “I pee potty” and starts taking off her pants and diaper. Half the time she asks to go potty she just putters around but the other half she will successfully go #1 and a couple of times we’ve had the elusive #2, which seems to be harder for kids to grasp. Now and then we’ll stick her in some underwear but that’s just making more work for me. So we bought her some pull up training diapers and will see how those work.
Her vocabulary is expanding and she has started putting together sentences. The other day she came home with A and shouted out to me “I got pizza!” She’s also picking up on words we say. Every now and then when she calls out for her dad she’ll shout “babe!”, which is what I call A most of the time. Too funny!
We haven’t had any major issues between her and Oliver. She’s quite loving towards him, giving him kisses all the time. She worries when she doesn’t know where he is and asks for him. “Ol’er” she calls him. We have the occasional moment of jealousy, mostly when I’m about to sit down to nurse (she’ll hop on my nursing pillow) but I’m actually quite happy with how she’s adjusted.
That’s not to say she’s perfectly behaved. Typical two year old behaviour, tantrums, not listening etc., is part of our daily lives now. We’re still navigating the best way to deal with it. I’m currently reading a book called “Positive Discipline” I’m hoping will help.

On Me…

I’m good. Not fantastic but not bad either. Two kids is hard work, even with my hubby around to help. I worry constantly about giving each of them enough attention and making time for myself as well. I’m frustrated now and then about my inability to keep up with the housework but recognize that this crazy time will ease as Oliver gets older. We have good days and not so good days but I couldn’t be happier with our little family.
My weight loss has stalled, which is also frustrating. But that’s partly due to deteriorating eating habits (Easter treats didn’t help). I’ve started eating better again. I thought about doing weight watchers again, but will wait another month or so to see what happens. I was given the all clear at my six week post partum check up and have started doing some exercising. Time really only allows for family walks and some Wii Fit, but it seems to be doing the trick.

On It’s Finally Spring…

The weather has finally settled into warmer temps and we’re seeing southern Ontario become greener every day! My perennials have started to pop up and I’ve started thinking about the rest of our gardens. I’ve decided not to do an extensive veggie garden this year. I just don’t have the attention to give it. I have to be realistic with my projects! I’ll plant some annuals and maybe a cherry tomato plant, which could be fun for Molly. My main goal is to make our outside space comfortable and kid friendly. To that end, we’re going to take out one of our raised beds to make a larger play area.

It’s 2:15 now. Both kids are napping and I’m sitting down for a break. We visited our local farmers market this morning and picked up some veggies! I’m excited its time for fresh produce!
I hope everyone has a great weekend! Happy Friday!



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  1. May 16, 2014 4:31 pm

    Seriously so cute! Both of them. Nice work, mama!

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