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One Month!!

April 22, 2014


Well we’re one month in with having two kids and we’re still alive! Mornings are particularly challenging. A and I are tired after nights up with Oliver, who is generally awake from 7am to noon-ish. And Molly doesn’t nap now until noon, so there isn’t any break at all. Our saving grace is that they usually nap at the same time, which gives me a chance to sleep and A a chance to have some kid-free time.

Oliver himself is doing well! We got a prescription for baby Zantac last week and it’s had a fabulous impact. He’s spitting up a lot less and seems more comfortable on the whole. He still has gas issues but his fussy time appears to have been cut in half. Whew!
He has decent nights, going to bed at around 9 and sleeping for 4 hours (give or take). After a feed he’ll be up then every 2-3 hours (sometimes every hour…painful) but going back down easily after nursing until 7 when he’s up for good.

Breastfeeding is going well though there are still issues. Our latch issues are fixed though getting him to latch is sometimes frustrating. He takes forever to open his mouth and will often put his hands in front of my breast. Drives me batty! We are also dealing with a fast let down that frustrates him and I’m sure is the cause of his gas. It’s getting better though.

I’m quite happy about the fact that though I have an ample supply like I did with Molly, I’m not leaking like I did with her. I still need nursing pads, but they aren’t overflowing as they did before, especially at night. I used to wake up soaked!

He’s starting to respond to us, which is great and we’ve been getting little smiles now and then. Earlier he was giggling as he fell asleep which was hilarious! I love how much he’s changed in just a month and at the same time want him to stay little longer.

Speaking of little, little he’s not! At his three week check up he weighed 11 lb 7 oz! 95th percentile for weight. He’s in three month sleepers but starting to grow out of those and it won’t be long before I have to move him to six months! Big boy 🙂

It’s probably obvious that I’ve been having trouble finding time to blog! But we’re gradually finding our groove and I hope to get back to writing again soon 🙂


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  1. April 23, 2014 11:14 am

    Our boy was 11′ 14 @ 1 month and similar with clothing sizes. I LOVE chunky babies! Matthew was pretty close to average in size (besides his massive head) so this was new territory for me. “Why doesn’t he fit into 0-3 month clothes?!”. Ha ha!

    Oliver is CUTE and looks super happy! So happy to hear that the Zantac is helping. Yay!!!

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