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Friday Ramblings

April 11, 2014

On Oliver…
It’s 1am. My little man just woke after a 3.5 hour sleep, his longest night stretch in days. I said to him before he went down that he could feel free to sleep for four hours! He almost made it 🙂
It’s been a rough week in that department. He’s been waking every two hours at night like clockwork, which is tough on me. I forgot how awful and draining cluster feeding can be! I am lucky though that he does go back to sleep as soon as he’s done eating and isn’t awake for hours on end. He reserves his awake time for the morning, between 7-11am and in the evenings, from 6-10.

On Molly…
We are being tested. She’s being pretty good to her baby brother, though yesterday she tried to get into the baby chair with him, but the real challenge had been getting her to listen to us. She is defiantly doing things she knows she’s not supposed to, particularly while I’m nursing. Yesterday she looked me straight in the eye and grinned at me as she stepped onto the iPad that was laying on the floor. The cheek! We’re working on finding an appropriate discipline method that she’ll understand. She’s a bit young for time outs and threatening to take something away would go right over her head.
She’s been biting, though in a playful way not maliciously, and we’ve found that diverting her action into giving a kiss has been an effective way to correct her behaviour. I’ll have to think of a way to do something similar with other behaviours that need help. Ah toddlers!

On Me…
Dealing with two kids is definitely a challenge! This isn’t the same maternity leave I had with Molly though it’s not as tough as it could be, what with A being home right now. His being here has helped with the transition to a family of four.
While mentally I may be drained, physically I feel amazing! Despite having a ferocious appetite, I have lost 25 of 38 pounds gained and fit into a pair of non-maternity jeans the other day! And can I tell you how sexy I think my ankles and feet are? I had no idea how cute and slim they were until they disappeared for a couple of months!
My water weight eased off last week. Which means I’m not peeing as much either.
I’m still dealing with some discomfort from my episiotomy but otherwise am pain free. It’s incredible to be able to roll over in bed without groaning in agony and get down on the floor to play with my daughter for more than two minutes.

On Home Improvements…
Other than essentials, we are on a spending hiatus but I couldn’t pass up buying a pack of puck lights to mount under our kitchen cabinets from Costco the other day. A pack of six was only $32! And they’re wireless!
You can see them installed at certain angles but I love the overall effect.

On the Weather…
I read something recently that those of us in southern Ontario have no right to complain about our horribly long cold and snowy winter, when other parts of Canada were hit even harder than we were. But as far a I’m concerned, one is allowed to complain when it’s not something you’re used to. We definitely get the negative double digit temperatures like we did but never for as long as we did. Same goes for the snow. We have had a lot in the past, but usually over a short period and then it’s done. This season we had a lot of little snowfalls that accumulated and those little snows wreaked havoc on commuting to work. Not to mention how dangerous a fresh snow fall is to pregnant women, when not everyone is quick to shovel!
But it’s all behind us now. Today was the first day we had positive double digit temps and it was beautiful! We took both kids for a walk and really enjoyed being outside.
Of course this is short lived. Spring is usually short and humid hot temperatures aren’t very far away…

On TV…
It’s the nature of things right now that we’re watching a lot of TV. On my eclectic must watch list:
– Masterchef Canada
– How I Met Your Mother (series now ended)
– New Girl
– Trophy Wife
– Modern Family
– Subergatory
– Elementary
– Chopped Canada
– Walking Dead (over for the season)
– Game of Thrones

We’re also watching Season 2 of Homeland sporadically and season 2 of Heroes on Netflix. During the day my go to shows to have on in the background are Property Virgins, House Hunters and anything Food Network. Molly doesn’t really pay attention to TV, but I’ll put kids shows on periodically. Hopefully now that the weather is nice we’ll be outside more during the day though!

Happy Friday!

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  1. April 14, 2014 1:29 pm

    is Molly going to be at home full time?

    re: disciplining, threatening doesn’t work, but actually taking stuff away does. Like saying “no, or I will take it” and then actually taking it away and lacing it in full sight but somewhere he cannot reach – does work. Not aright away, but it tells him I’m serious about my NOs.

    If I get very upset with Timothy, I grab him and move him away and tell him to just go. He gets it that I am so upset I don’t want his company.

    I can fit in my non-maternity pants, but it looks muffintop-ish 😦

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