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One Week

March 28, 2014


Oliver is one week old today! We had a bit of a rough start, dealing with him having low blood sugar and then jaundice. The jaundice was bad enough that he and I were back in the hospital for 24 hours Monday to Tuesday where he was given light therapy.
But his levels went down and now we’re trying to get ourselves settled and oriented at home. I’m almost done my birth story and will post that in the next few days, but first, a few thoughts on the past week:

So far, Molly is handling the transition to big sister quite well. She’s expressed a bit of jealousy, mostly when I’m nursing, but on the whole is quite loving towards her brother. She loves giving him kisses and just today we had her holding him (while on daddy’s lap). When she came home from day care on Wednesday the first word out of her mouth was “Oliver” (more like ah-ver) and she just had to see him. But the novelty is still there and A has been around to side track her if she’s desperate for mommy; it’ll be another story I’m sure once he finds a job and is gone again during the day. We’ll see how things progress as she realizes Oliver is here to stay!
The crazy thing is realizing how big she is in comparison to Oliver. My baby is growing up; she’s not a baby anymore 😦
I’m trying to give her some one on one time each day, even if it’s just a few minutes and even if it’s just playing on the iPad together.

We’re doing pretty good! My milk came in on Sunday night. My nipples are sore (applying coconut oil helps), but I expected that. We are working on perfecting his shallow latch, an issue I had with Molly. Sometimes it takes five minutes or more to get him on right, but we do it.
He spits up a lot more than Molly did. It’s not a lot of spit up but more frequently. And he’s a tooter! I bought some Ovol drops to try because he seems uncomfortable from gas sometimes.

We aren’t doing too badly. At least I don’t think so. Our first night home was rough. Oliver and Molly woke at the same time and A and I spent 2.5 hours switching kids. Definitely an “FML what have we done moment”. But Molly has slept through since thank goodness.
I haven’t really felt the need to nap much during the day, though on Wednesday morning Oliver and I slept from 7:30 to 11 (Molly’s day care day…our Molliday as we call it). He is of course up in the night, sometimes for two hour stretches, sometimes every hour but I’m handling it. I was prepared I guess from the pregnancy insomnia leading up to his birth.

Me Post-Partum

On my counter in the bathroom sits my post-partum care kit. In the basket you’ll find:

A peri-bottle – for rinsing down below during or after a pee. It helps ease any discomfort if you have stitches, which I do

Tylenol and Advil – I wish I wasn’t still taking them but it’s still quite sore in my lady parts area and I sit a lot nursing, so drug me up!

Pads – I prefer Kotex Natural Balance.
Hemmhorid meds – I stocked up on these before delivery, knowing from prior experience they’d be needed. They are prescription strength.

Breast pads – I’m not leaking as much as I did with Molly but they help reduce sensitivity and keep my bras from getting gross from the coconut oil

I haven’t lost much weight at this point, only 10 pounds of the 40 I gained. That seems crazy considering Oliver was 10 pounds alone, never mind the weight of the placenta, but I’m retaining quite a lot of fluid. My calves, ankles and feet resemble tree trunks. Partly anesthetic, partly IV fluid and partly just excess pregnancy fluids that have nowhere to go. It’ll go down in the next week or so.

The first few days post delivery, with trips back and forth to the hospital etc meant we were eating out and on the run a lot. Not particularly healthy options either. Now that we’re home, we’re making a conscious choice to eat better, which is good because I’m hungry ALL THE TIME. I wasn’t this hungry my entire pregnancy. I forgot it was like that when nursing. We made a trip to Costco and stocked up on fruit, yogurt, granola bars etc. to snack on and since we’re home are able to meal plan a bit more efficiently than if I was working.

I’m thrilled that my ligament pain is easing. I can roll over in bed now without much discomfort and groaning. What sleep I am getting is a lot more comfortable.

Emotionally I’m good. Great even! The days at the hospital when Oliver was under the lights were rough on me but now that we’re home I’m ok.
Overall I’m thrilled he came at 39 weeks. I was miserable and completely done. Plus, can you imagine how big he might have been if I’d made it to 40 weeks or beyond?? Good lord.



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