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38 Weeks Baby #2

March 17, 2014

If you had asked me a few weeks ago when I thought I’d have this baby, I would have for sure said I would go past my due date.
Now, I’m not so sure.
I’ve been having pre-labour symptoms for about a week now I guess: mild contractions lasting for a few hours then subsiding; period-like cramps; flu-like symptoms. These can go on for weeks, I know, but something tells me this little man is eager to meet the world!

I begin maternity leave this week! My last day of work was Thursday. I’ve already applied for EI and managed to get the 600 hours I need to qualify again!! Here’s to a great year off!!

How Far Along? – 38 +2

Size of Baby: around 7-7.5 pounds, 20-22 inches long

Gender – It’s a boy!


None this week. I look like I feel….achy and exhausted

Maternity Clothes – I picked up new nursing bras last week, so I’m set there. I also picked up a couple of stretchy tanks that are easy to pull down when nursing.

Stretch Marks – No more than I already have.

Weight – 40 pounds gained, with a lot of water weight added in the last couple of weeks.

Sleep – A bit better over the past few days but my pelvic pain is getting worse as baby gets lower.

Movement – he’s slowing down a bit, with movements that aren’t as strong. Completely normal as he runs out of room!

Symptoms – Ligament pain, sleeplessness, achy lower back, swelling of my legs and feet and I’m hot all the time.

Cravings – iced tea! Yum!

What Do I Miss – My body is big on my mind this week. Though I know it’ll take time to get back to my svelte self, I have visions of my post baby body and it’s pretty hot (haha). I’ve been pinning outfits on Pinterest and hope to be able to invest in a new wardrobe once I’m back to my goal weight. I haven’t bought new clothes (other than maternity or things appropriate for nursing) in almost three years! I’m definitely overdue!

Nursery – nothing new this week.

Emotions –Frustrated that I’m so uncomfortable and can’t do anything useful (as mentioned above)

Best Moment of the Week – I had a massage Saturday and it was bliss! She really helped reduce the swelling in my legs and feet….I can see ankle definition this morning!!

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  1. March 18, 2014 3:26 pm

    well, mine was born at 38.3… so… good luck!!!

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