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Second Time Around

March 11, 2014

So. We’re about to have another baby. No real signs of him coming anytime soon, though my OB tells me it’s more common for the second baby to come a bit earlier than the first, since your body knows what to do.
I think at this point a lot of second-time parents look back and think about what worked and what didn’t with their first child and have formulated a plan for caring for the second. To be honest, we haven’t talked about it much, mostly, I think, due to the fact that we had a fairly easy time of it with Molly. The things we did with her, for the most part, worked. But like with Molly, we’re going into it with an open mind and a mind open to change if necessary.

Here’s the low-down:

I will be breastfeeding again and am actually looking forward to it! I miss it, despite having a rough start with Molly (she had a shallow latch that was painful and early on I had mastitis). I’m not sure yet if I’ll pump at all so that A can feed the wee lad. I didn’t with Molly, but it’s a whole new ball game with two kids. I do know that if we’re successful again, that I’ll nurse for at least a year and probably a bit beyond (Molly weaned at 16 months).
We definitely plan on practicing baby led weaning again when introducing solids. It worked well for Molly and hopefully will again.

For the first few months, the baby will sleep in our room, in a cradle at first and then the pack and play once he gets too big for the cradle. This makes it so much easier for nursing! We will not co-sleep, at least that’s not the plan. We have never had Molly in bed with us and I hope to continue that trend with #2. I find it much more comfortable to nurse sitting up anyways, so that’s not a factor.
Around three or four months we’ll move him to his own room; hopefully at that time Molly will be ready to transition to a big girl bed!
We’ll play it by ear but I don’t plan on sleep training until we’re both ready either. I will happily nurse him to sleep until I can’t anymore. With Molly that was at 14 months.

I’m sticking with Pampers for now. If we find they don’t work, we’ll switch. And for the first few months we won’t use wipes. I plan on implementing the cotton cosmetic pad routine we had with Molly after her first case of diaper rash. My doctor recommended using damp cotton balls or cotton pads to clean the bum, because even sensitive wipes were too harsh. Once his skin is a little hardier, we’ll switch to wipes (Costco’s Kirkland brand are the best!!).

To snip or not to snip
Speaking of diaper related issues, I haven’t yet mentioned our plans regarding circumcision. An issue we didn’t have with Molly and such a hot topic! You may not be too surprised to hear that we’ve decided not to circumcise our son. It wasn’t even much of a discussion really. We did our research and neither of us can find a compelling reason to do it. There are health benefits, but the difference in numbers for UTI’s between circumcised and non-circumcised infants isn’t significant enough for us to consider it. And neither of us are on board with doing it for cosmetic reasons so that baby boy looks like daddy.
So our son will remain ‘intact’ as they say. He won’t be in the minority. Circumcision rates are actually declining in North America.

Despite still having reservations, we will vaccinate again. Molly had no ill effects from her shots (she didn’t even cry when receiving them…not once!) and that’s somewhat comforting. My biggest issue with vaccinations has always been the “what don’t we know now that we’ll know 20 years from now” question. What if science isn’t advanced enough now to identify the problems?
But my fear (probably the result of the media blowing things out of proportion, I admit) of my kids contracting a preventable deadly disease outweighs that possibility. We live in a very multicultural neighbourhood with people travelling all over the world where such diseases are prevalent. A has basically left the decision up to me (he leans towards not vaccinating) and I’m going with my gut. Sorry little buddy, you’ll be facing the needles in a few months!

I think that’s about it for baby issues, at least that I can think of for now. It’s definitely going to be a go with the flow experience. Quite often I’ve seen the second baby throw mamas and daddy’s for a loop, being so different from the first. I expect no different from our child 🙂

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  1. March 11, 2014 3:52 pm

    We don’t circumcise our boys either. It’s probably the best parenting decision we’ve made yet. Society judges people who have plastic surgery, but in north America, we do this “cosmetic” elective surgery to our baby boys every day. Makes no sense to me!

    we got pretty lucky. Bryson is as laid back as, and probably more so than, Matthew who was a ridiculously easy baby. Every kid is different, but you likely could get another easy one!

    good luck!

  2. March 11, 2014 4:45 pm

    We don’t have plans to circumcise if we ever have a boy. I don’t think it’s necessary and I believe that if your born with something, it’s there for a reason, so why cut it off? I’ve heard of boys having it removed due to actual medical reasons (such as the foreskin not being able to roll back), but that’s a completely different reason than the chance of a UTI.

    And we love the Costco brand wipes here! I tried the Huggies ones and the Costco wipes were just so much better!! (And cheaper!)

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