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37 Weeks Baby #2

March 10, 2014

I want to preface this post by saying how amazing my husband is. I’m essentially useless these days. I’m incredibly uncomfortable and in pain most of the time (my ligament pain has increased over the past week) and A has been left with the brunt of the housework and childcare, on top of looking for a job and dealing with all of that stuff. I’ve got mom guilt and wife guilt coming out the wazoo but am feeling so blessed at how understanding he’s been (there are some eye rolls but he doesn’t say a word). Thank you babe for being there for me and Molly! It means more than you can ever know.

How Far Along? – 37 weeks (37+3 as I write this). Technically full term, though they’ve recently changed the definition in the U.S. To 39 weeks. Not sure if they’re planning the same for Canada.

Size of Baby: around 7 pounds, 20 inches long
Update: I’m apparently measuring at 40 weeks but my doctor assures me it’s because of how the baby is positioned not because he’s gigantic 🙂

Gender – It’s a boy!


See below!

Maternity Clothes – I still need nursing bras…

Stretch Marks – No more than I already have.

Weight – up quite a few more pounds this week, due to some serious water retention and swelling. My blood pressure is fine so it’s just end of pregnancy bloat. Goody.

Sleep – Sleep for an hour, awake for a bit. Sleep for an hour, awake for a bit. Tis my lot in life for the next little while!

Movement –So much movement. I feel him all over all at the same time!

Symptoms – Ligament pain, sleeplessness, achy lower back, swelling of my legs and feet and I’m hot all the time.

Cravings –Root beer was big this week. So was kettle corn.

What Do I Miss – Everything!

Nursery – I have my canvas name sign almost done! Just one letter left to do (I goofed up…luckily I have a spare canvas!).

Emotions –Frustrated that I’m so uncomfortable and can’t do anything useful (as mentioned above)

Best Moment of the Week – Molly had learned to say awesome and it’s the cutest thing! Her s’s need work so it comes out “awthome” and her tongue sticks out when she pronounces the ‘th’.


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