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Weekend Wind-Up

March 4, 2014

It’s been forever since I’ve done a weekend wind-up! We really haven’t had much going on lately. But this was my first four day weekend in a while (I’ve been working Fridays to make up sick days) and things were actually accomplished!

Friday morning we were up nice and early and out the door by 8am. Our destination: the car dealer. My car needed a new muffler. It was supposed to be installed last Monday but I received a call mid-week saying they’d goofed up and hadn’t actually put it in. Fail for Nissan!

A and Molly picked me up and we went to Cora’s for breakfast where I had a super yummy crepe-omelette (and omelette and ham and cheese wrapped in a crepe then grilled with hollandaise sauce poured over it). Then it was to Lowe’s to pick up a pint of paint. One of my goals for the weekend was to paint the railing A finally put up going down to the basement. We went home after a couple of more stops, had lunch and got Molly down for a mid-day nap (she’s alternating between one and two a day right now). While she slept, I painted. Here is the before and after.


I think it looks awesome! I now need to come up with a solution to paint the brackets a metallic colour of some sort (they were sprayed builders white along with the rest of the railing when the house was built). I tried acrylic paint but it has poor coverage. Suggestions?

Once she woke, my car was ready so we went and got that. A and Molly headed back home while I stopped at Target for a few things (size 1 diapers for our mister, body wash, a few groceries). I love my daughter with my whole heart but there’s nothing like tooting around a store on your own, browsing this and that, able to take your time. Total therapy for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday was uneventful until I started getting ready for date night! Yesterday (the 3rd) was our second wedding anniversary and we treated ourselves to a nice dinner out on Saturday. We went to a place in Uxbridge called the Tin Mill. It was really good! A quaint historic atmosphere with really great food! Unfortunately I ate far too much and suffered the rest of the night once I went to bed.

Luckily Sunday was my morning to sleep in. It was again an uneventful day, with us puttering around the house. We took Molly to the park after her afternoon nap. Here’s a video of some of the fun she had!
We came home from the park and started making homemade pizza. While I worked I started watching some of the Oscar pre-show. I haven’t watched many of the award shows this season, but I love the oscars! Once Molly was in bed, I hunkered down in the basement and watched the first hour or so. I have them taped and will watch them over the next week.

Monday (how much do I love four day weekends?) I had a need to nest. I started by putting away some laundry and got going on preparing bags to take to the hospital. I’m 37 weeks on Friday so I figure it’s time. The baby’s bag is pretty much set to go. Mine will need some last minute additions but seeing how long I was in early labour for last time before we went to the hospital (24 + hours), even if it’s shorter this time I’m sure I’ll have time to finish my packing ๐Ÿ™‚

That done, and once Molly was napping, I moved onto some much needed office filing and simultaneously began copying music CDs onto iTunes on my laptop. This is a project I started and completed while on maternity leave with Molly, but sadly when my hard drive failed last fall, I lost it all. Thankfully I’m a procrastinator and haven’t yet gotten rid of my CDs (the whole purpose for copying them). This time I have a backup system in place.

Filing done, I moved into toy tidying and movie organizing. The movie organizing is probably a futile activity, since Molly has easy access to them, but it’s been driving me nuts seeing all our DVDs and blu rays disheveled and misplaced. For at least 24 hours they’ll be organized and that’s enough for me!

I accomplished a lot in her two hour nap! When she woke up, we bundled up and headed out. After a quick stop at Costco to pick up baby wipes (the Kirkland brand are the best), we were off to pick out my anniversary present from A. He decided to get me a crepe pan! I’m so excited to use it (no jewelry or flowers needed here! Kitchen utensils are the way to my affections)!
Since we were all out, the three of us decided to go to my OB appointment together. Big mistake. My doctor was unusually behind and we ended up waiting for over an hour. Molly was really good, but busy, and A spent the whole time chasing after her. All for a five minute visit with the doc (all is well…my blood pressure was 100/70, like it always is and baby boy is measuring a few days ahead). We had planned on making dinner but it was almost six by the time we left the doctors office and we picked up Swiss Chalet instead. Next week (down to weekly appointments!!!), I go alone.

And there we have our busy long weekend! I’m off to work today (happy Pancake Tuesday), the first day of my last two weeks of work (which is technically only six days). I can’t believe we’re so close to having another baby! I’m thrilled to have another year off with my babies ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope everyone else had a groovy weekend!

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