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36 Weeks Baby #2!

March 2, 2014

How Far Along? – 36 Weeks – Less than a month to go!

Size of Baby – I’m guessing between 6.5-7 lbs. Length I can only guess at, probably 20 inches or close to it.

Gender – It’s a boy!


Here I am, all dolled up for a date night out with the hubby! I wish I had time to straighten my hair every day. It’s so polished looking!

36 weeks baby #2 (848x1280)

Maternity Clothes – I need to pick up some new nursing bras. I still have the ones I wore with Molly but 16 months of use takes a toll!

Stretch Marks – No more than I already have.

Weight – 34 pounds gained! I’m 10 pounds less gained at this point than I was with Molly, though since I started 8 pounds more than when I got pregnant with Molly, I’m coming out even.

Sleep – Ugh. Sleep. I both love and hate it right now. I’ve determined I have pregnancy rhinitis, which means I’m constantly stuffed up.  That makes things uncomfortable. My ligament pain is worse when I’m lying down, so that makes things uncomfortable too. My little guy HATES it when I lie on my side and I can feel him stretching out the side of my gut, which also makes things uncomfortable. I’m just uncomfortable. Last night I ate too much and had the worst acid reflux all night long. Just a few more weeks…that’s what I keep telling myself! Then I’ll be a different kind of tired, but at least I’ll be more comfortable lying down!

Movement –Some people focus so much on kick counts but both with Molly and with this dude, I don’t have to count at all. I constantly feel him moving. Even when he’s not moving I feel him moving, if that makes sense.

Symptoms – Ligament pain, sleeplessness, achy lower back, swelling of my legs and feet and I’m hot all the time. Phew!

Cravings –Root beer was big this week. So was kettle corn.

What Do I Miss – Everything!

Nursery –No action here this week

Emotions –Frustrated that I’m so uncomfortable. A bit stressed that I only have two weeks of work left and so much to do!!

Best Moment of the Week – Date night out with my hubby to celebrate our second wedding anniversary (which is tomorrow!)!!

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  1. March 3, 2014 10:28 am

    I’ve never heard of keeping track of how much your baby kicks. All I remember with Isla was that it was A LOT. (And not a good a lot either. A, “knock it off in there” a lot!)

    Still – you look fabulous and are hiding your discomfort well! Not much longer to go now! Yay!

  2. March 5, 2014 3:43 pm

    Haha, I know, I totally want him to stop moving and yet want him to keep moving at the same time! Molly was exactly the same and still hasn’t stopped moving 19 months later!

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