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34 Weeks – Baby #2!

February 16, 2014

How Far Along? – 34 Weeks :)

Size of Baby – Big…lol

Gender – It’s a boy!


This is me with baby #2 at 34 weeks 2 days (excuse the hair)…..

34 WEEKS BABY 2 (1024x1280)

For comparison sake, this is me around the same time with Molly…

Maternity Clothes – I’m sooooo bored with my wardrobe but it’s way to close to D-day now to do any shopping. I’ve pinning outfits on Pinterest, dreaming of shopping post-baby 🙂

Stretch Marks – Not more than I already have

Weight – Still sitting at 30 pounds gained. My appetite has been off this week with my head cold

Sleep – Sleep has been elusive and uncomfortable. My head has been the main culprit…I’ve been stuffed up!

Movement – The force is strong with this one. His pushes and shoves are starting to hurt!

Symptoms – Ligament pain, insomnia, fatigue, slight swelling of the ankles and legs, my rear end issue. Acid reflux. Happily I can still wear my wedding rings!!

Cravings –Asian food

What Do I Miss – Being comfortable and able to move quickly. I feel awful that it’s so hard to get down on the floor to play with Molly.

Nursery – Nothing new there!

Emotions –I’ve been bummed this week because I’ve been sick. I’m so tired of not feeling well.

Best Moment of the Week –Valentine’s day with my two Valentines, this one in particular:

DSC_7074 copy (1024x1280)

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  1. February 16, 2014 8:35 pm

    we’re both around the corner!
    I craved asian, thai, indian – in the first half of my pregnancy
    2.5 weeks away from the Day, I think I am actually ready…

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