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33 Weeks – Baby #2

February 8, 2014

How Far Along? – 33 weeks. 7 weeks left unless he’s early in which case…whaaaat? He could be here that soon???

Size of Baby –probably around 19-22 inches long and over five pounds.

Gender – It’s a boy!!


See below

Maternity Clothes – I’m tired of wearing the same clothes. But it’s pointless to but new stuff now, especially since I won’t be pregnant again.

Stretch Marks – no more than I already have

Weight – up 30 or so pounds, five pounds less than I had gained at this point with Molly. Pretty good! I’ve got a lot of water weight now, with swollen legs and feet. That’s inflating things a bit.

Sleep – Horrible. I’ve had a mild cold over the last few days that’s made sleeping even more uncomfortable.

Movement – lots and lots! A and I were watching my tummy bounce around earlier. So funny!

Symptoms – Ligament pain, hip pain, insomnia, fatigue, swelling of the ankles and legs, my rear end issue (improving slowly), elevated body temperature

Cravings –I’m into eating apple slices with cheese right now. Oh and iced tea is super yummy!

What Do I Miss – Walking fast, moving comfortably, sitting comfortably…I need a “pregnant lady walking” sign to pin to the back of my coat so people don’t get as irritated walking behind me 🙂

Nursery – nothing much this week. I hope to get started on making the baby’s name sign for his room this weekend!

Emotions –Just grand! Other than being tired, I’m emotionally sound

Best Moment of the Week – seeing my baby girl when I get home from
work. She’s been asleep still the last few mornings when I’ve left.


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