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Baby/Toddler Apps

February 7, 2014

There’s a thread currently on my baby forum about whether or not to let babies/young toddlers play with smart phones etc. It’s not a heated debate but most of the moms think it’s a bad thing. Me? I lean towards the “it’s not that horrible” camp.

We let Molly play with our smart phones and even got an iPad for Christmas from my parents for that express purpose. That’s not to say that she plays with it all the time. She has a very short attention span and might spend five minutes on it before she moves on to something else. But it comes in handy for moments when I just need her to sit still for a bit or for first thing in the morning when A and I are trying to wake up. Our child literally pops up as soon as she opens her eyes. We need a bit more time to adjust 🙂

I also happen to believe it’s a great educational tool and is helping her with coordination and communication. Her skill at moving her finger across the screen is growing exponentially! I thought it would be fun to share her favourite apps at the moment. It’s astonishing to me that she knows exactly where to find them on both the iPhone and iPad!

Molly’s favourite apps:

EduKitchen – there’s a free version that we’re currently trying out but I think we’ll purchase the full version soon, as Molly really loves it. This one has activities like setting the table, load the dishwasher, gather the vegetables, arrange from big to small or vice versa etc. The characters are a bit creepy but she’s so proud when she accomplishes the goal!


Sound Touch – probably her most favourite app of all time! There is a free versions and a paid version but we definitely upgraded to the full paid version for this one. It’s basically flash cards with sounds. Molly can touch a picture of an animal and it’ll pop up with the sound the animal makes. She calls this app ‘cat’ because that’s her favourite animal. In addition to animals there are musical instruments, every day house hold items etc.


Animals and Tools for Babies – we’ve had this one since she was very young. It was a lifesaver on those long drives to A’s parents. It’s similar to Sound Touch in that it’s like a series of flash cards, but in addition to the sound the animal makes, a voice also names the animal and you can choose from several languages. The best part is that the cards will play on a loop, key for just handing it back for them to play with while you’re in the front seat.


Little Writer – I think A’s mom found this one and it’s quickly becoming a favourite. It’s a free tracing program, where a letter (or number or shape) comes up and using their fingers, they press a cute little icon and trace what’s on the screen! She needs a bit of help but really enjoys doing it.


The Wheels on the Bus – this is a fave and worth it to pay for the full version. There are math games, puzzles, vehicle sounds and of course and interactive version of the infamous song! “Bus” Molly will say to play this one!


Oh and if you weren’t already aware, there’s a cool feature on iPhone’s and iPad’s called ‘Guided Access’. If you enable this feature, you can turn it on while in an app and little one’s can’t escape! It’s located in Settings/General/Accessibility.

Have fun!

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  1. February 12, 2014 11:15 am

    We’re in the, “It’s not that horrible” camp too when it comes to cellphones. Isla loves her apps and even knows which icon on my phone leads to her “safe” zone where she can play all her games without calling China or buying 1,000’s of items on eBay. I consider it another learning tool, and like Molly, it’s not like she’s playing with my phone 24/7; only when I need her to sit still for a few moments. (Like when she’s getting her hair cut!)

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