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Friday Ramblings

January 31, 2014

On Being Sick…

It’s been quiet on the blog front this week. We’ve had the stomach flu making it’s way around our casa. So far Molly has escaped it’s wrath but A was hit on Monday with it and it took me down on Wednesday. It took me so far down that we ended up going to labour and delivery to get me rehydrated Wednesday afternoon. I’m sure I would have been ok without going, but I almost passed out in our bathroom so we thought it safer to just go.
Thank goodness we did! I felt so much better by the time we left, after receiving two bags of saline and a dopifying dose of Gravol. The baby was just fine, completely unaffected but dehydration can lead to pre-term labour and I didn’t want to take any risks.

On the Baby…

Speaking of our little mister, I’m 32 weeks today! Just eight weeks until my due date and six weeks left of work! I can’t believe he’ll be joining our family so soon! I think I’m pretty much all set for his arrival. I have newborn sleepers and three month sleepers and between my sister and her friend, have enough clothes to get me through the next 18 months! I might need to fill in gaps here and there but what they’ve given me really helps lighten the load of what I’ll need to get. He’ll sleep in the pack and play in our room for the first few months and I’m planning on nursing again so I don’t need to worry about formula or pumping. Not much else you need for a baby other than some clothes, a place to sleep and a food source!

On Molly…

We’ll see how we feel, but we’re hoping to get started on painting her ‘new’ room this weekend. I think I’ve mentioned it, but the master plan is to turn our spare room into her play room until she’s ready to transition to a big girl bed, at which point it’ll become her bedroom, hopefully later this summer.
Just saying the words ‘big girl’ make me feel sappy. My baby will be 18 months old next week! How did that happen? Sometimes I look at her and she’s such a little girl. Other times she’s still very much a baby. I suppose once the baby arrives we’ll see just how grown up she’s getting!

On the Lemons…

I’ve been mentioning the lemons that were tossed our way a few weeks ago. I think I’ve calmed down enough to talk about it. Here goes: My husband was let go from his job. I know right? Totally and completely sucks. We were shocked. It was completely unexpected and it really makes no sense. The first blog post I wrote about it, but never published, was a bit…angry and didn’t do anyone any good. But it’s been a few weeks and we’re adjusting. Despite the fact that I know he’s worried, I’m incredibly proud of how he’s handling this. We’re both trying to find the positive in it and look at it as an opportunity to find something he’ll be happier with. We just wish it could have been of his choosing!
So those are our lemons. I’ll keep y’all posted on the lemonade making process 🙂

Happy Friday!

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  1. January 31, 2014 10:18 am

    I like the positive thinking. Sending more of those your way and hope your hubs gets a job soon.

    Sounds like you are definitely ready for baby boy to show up in 2 months! You are one organized mama! Enjoy this time together.

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