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31 Weeks – Baby #2

January 25, 2014

How Far Along? – 31 Weeks – We’re into the single digit countdown!!

Size of Baby – Length I have no clue, but over 18 inches long. Weight is around four pounds. I had my bi-weekly OB appointment last Monday and my doctor told me I’m measuring two weeks ahead! Not surprising really. I measured ahead all through my pregnancy with Molly. I asked him if in his experience second babies tended to be bigger. He confirmed with a smile and a nod.

Gender – It’s a boy


31 weeks baby 2 (848x1280)

Maternity Clothes –maternity yoga pants are my best friend right now.

Stretch Marks –No more than I had before

Weight – I’ve gained 29 pounds…I was up 32 at this point with Molly, so I’m doing ok.

Sleep – Not great. I’m tossing and turning a lot. Ugh.

Movement –Oh yes. I’ve got another little wiggler on my hands! He’s head down, so I’m feeling him a lot up near my ribs and sides.

Symptoms – Ligament pain, lack of sleep, swelling of my legs and feet after working all day; the rear end issue I suffered with Molly has sadly returned

Cravings –Asian food! Last weekend I had dinner with M1 and M2. We went to a Japanese/Thai restaurant and had a great time! But I was torn at first as to what to get. I wanted pad thai, tempura, california rolls and spring rolls all at the same time! But to order that many individual dishes would have been way too much and far too expensive. It was quite the dilemma, UNTIL I noticed the vegetarian combo platter which came with all the things I wanted, just in smaller quantities and was only $14!! Score!

What Do I Miss – Being able to just relax. This pregnancy is so different from being pregnant with Molly; I didn’t have a toddler to look after! A is a huge help, but it’s still exhausting.

Nursery –I went to Fabricland with my mom today to buy lining for my curtains and the fabric for the crib skirt. There was a 50% off sale for members and my mom is a premiere member!

Emotions –Not too bad! We’re still dealing with the Lemons we were given a few weeks ago (still not ready to talk about that) but we’re moving forward and are doing well I think.

Best Moment of the Week –We had a family dinner last weekend at my parents and as we were all leaving, my niece CJ came up to me and said “I think the baby needs a hug” and she proceeded to wrap her arms around my protruding belly, hugging the ‘baby’ and gave him a kiss. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

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