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Remembering L&D

January 23, 2014

Most women will tell you that you forget labour; nature’s defence mechanism I’m sure to make sure we continue to procreate. Well it was nearly a year and a half ago that Molly entered our lives and I haven’t forgotten. There are so many things that I remember about labour and delivery with Molly, so many things that remain crystal clear…

I remember my first real contraction. I’d been having Braxton hicks for months but this was different. BH was an instant tightening and eventual release. But my first real contraction was a very slow build up of pressure that reached a peak and then a slow let down until it was gone altogether. It was 7:30 on Monday night. Molly was born at 11am Wednesday morning. Do the math.

I remember my doctor saying that 12 hours of consistent contractions that stalled wasn’t actually labour.

I remember thinking “F-You buddy, I’m in labour dammit!”

I remember that on one of my walks with A later that day to help start things up again, a lady across the street yelled out to me “you look fabulous! Congratulations!”

I remember the exact spot on one of those walks where I had my first stop-me-in-my-tracks contraction.

I remember the taste of the pizza we had for dinner just hours before we left for the hospital.

I remember when my water broke saying to A “um there’s something going on between my legs”

I remember crying on my way to the hospital. When A asked me what was wrong I said “I can’t believe this is happening”. On some days, I still can’t.

I remember being so mortified of how much I was leaking after my water broke that when we got to the hospital I tried desperately to wrap a towel around my waist in an attempt to hide any visible leakage, while A looked on at me like I was crazy. He was right haha!

I remember that by the time we were checked in and taken to our room, I had fluid running down my legs and was literally dripping amniotic fluid on the floor in the hallway, despite having a thick pad on.

I remember that I couldn’t get the water hot enough in our shower in the room.

I remember the nurse telling me to just breathe and thinking “F-You lady”.

I remember being itchy from the epidural when I was too exhausted to handle the pain anymore.

I remember it feeling completely surreal when I started pushing. I still couldn’t believe it was happening.

I remember how it felt when she was finally out of me, the release of pressure as she entered the world.

I remember hearing her cries as try examined her and I remember the moment she was placed in my arms.

I remember downing glass after glass of apple juice after delivery. I was allowed to eat and drink while in labour but just didn’t feel like it.

I remember feeling so calm and content as my daughter started nursing and fell asleep in my arms and remember how amazing A looked as he took her from me.

I’m so glad that I haven’t forgotten. It didn’t deter me in the least when deciding to have #2. I can wait to see what memories I’ll keep from this little guys arrival! 9 or so weeks to go!

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  1. January 24, 2014 8:54 am

    My labour memories are less vivid, but I do remember the pain. And the grogginess of finally getting the epidural at 2 am. And the fear when listening to Timothy’s heart beat slowing down. And the frustration with stalling at 8 cm. And the anger when they wheeled me in the OR and suggested I crawl onto the operating table on my own (with numb legs and piercing pain in my hip).

    It was easy for me to say “yes, let’s do a scheduled c-section” this time…

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