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Friday Ramblings

January 17, 2014

On Molly…

How is it possible that our baby girl is almost 18 months old?? Where has the time gone? We absolutely love watching her learn and discover new words and concepts. Her latest thing this week is to ‘wish’ her hands. She’ll mimic the motion of washing them standing by the sink. So cute!
And this week she’s back to eating!! Yay! Whatever issue was bothering her seems to have passed and she’s eating well again. Phew.

On 30 Weeks…

How is it also possible that my due date is only 10 weeks away?! The pregnancy that started out slow is now quickening at the speed of light! Which reminds me, I need to get my registration papers to the hospital…
I of course want him to cook as long as possible, but my body tells me that the next 10 weeks will be rough. I aggravated an old back muscle injury (pulled when I had bronchitis a few years ago) when I fell a couple weeks ago and it’s been making bending really hard. I seem to be able to get some relief in the bath, so I’ve been making sure to take one before bed. The other night I was so achy I actually had a bath at 2am!

On The Great Spare Room Clear-Out…

It’s time. Time to clear out the Spare Room and start the process to turn it into first a play room for Molly, then eventually her bedroom. We’ve been putting it off (we’re horrible procrastinators) but A’s parents are coming for the night on Sunday on their way to the airport and currently the spare bed is covered with baby clothes, craft supplies and other miscellaneous items. I won’t mention the floor, which is also covered with baby clothes, baby toys and equipment etc.
I actually lost Molly in there last week! She wiggled her way into the closet and disappeared! I’ll try and remember to take a before pic.
Now to figure out where everything should go…

Happy Friday everyone!

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