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Nursery Decor

January 7, 2014

Even though the actual transformation of Molly’s room into the baby’s room won’t take place for a few months after he arrives, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about the look I want it to have! I’ve been having fun pinning different ideas onto my Pinterest account. Last night I was searching through and found exactly what I was looking for! Fabric for curtains and subsequently a colour scheme.

When we painted Molly’s room, I chose a colour that would transition into a boys room if our second ended up being a boy. Just to remind you, here’s the colour:

  • 20140106-184621.jpg

    It’s by Behr paint and called Monet Moonrise.

    I’ve been struggling to come up with complimentary colours that were both bright and boyish but not too cutesy and hard to match. I was thinking blues and deeper greens. For curtains, my first thought was a chevron pattern in a navy blue, but when I showed the sample to A, he pointed out that it kind of hurt he eyes. He was right. So I thought “polka dots”. I ran a search and one of the first fabric samples that popped up caught my eye. It’s a large dot pattern with various shades of blues and greens (designed by Michael Miller). It was perfect for curtains! Even more perfect? It was on sale! A search of the sale section itself revealed another fabric I was drawn to, this one definitely more cutesy and baby-ish because of the monkeys but I love it for making a blanket, just like I did for Molly (designed by Robert Kaufman). And the colours go with the polka dot pattern! It’s meant to be:



    For the crib skirt I’ll use just a plain royal blue cotton I think. Of course I’m going to need a bit more help this time making these things. But my mom is an awesome seamstress and has been recruited to help my cause! It feels really good to get these things in motion.

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