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Friday Ramblings

December 20, 2013

On Molly…

One of my goals when it comes to raising my children is to make sure they have excellent manners. Even since before Molly started talking, if she indicated she wanted something I would repeat what she wanted, adding ‘please’ at the end and saying ‘thank you’ when the task was complete. It seems my diligence has paid off! She’ll use please and thank you now, unprompted and usually in the right context! It’s really quite adorable to hear her say “pleeee” and “tan to”. Makes a mama proud 🙂
She’s pretty much recovered from what seems like her month long illnesses, though now we’re dealing with teething issues. Her bottom molars are coming in. Her poor gums are so lumpy! Luckily it’s not having an effect on her sleep habits. She’s been sleeping through the night for a couple of months now! Hopefully that won’t change while we’re away over the holidays.

On Speaking of Toddlers Being Sick…

With Molly having so many colds lately, I’ve been feeling some major mama guilt over working and sending her to day care. A and I both believe in exposure to illness to help build immunity, but the constant runny nose/fever/cough of late in all three of us had brought us down in spirits. Add to that the fact that Molly started getting sick when we pretty much stopped nursing and there’s a whole other level of guilt.
My doctor must have seen it on my face at our last visit because she said to me “it’s hard, I know, but either we isolate them now and they get sick a lot when they start going to kindergarten, or they get sick now and by the time they go to school they have strong immunities built up”. It made me feel better but either way you’re screwed! Still, she did mention that kids who are in day care when they’re this young are less likely to develop leukaemia. I thought that was interesting. Apparently fighting off the numerous illnesses kids catch at day care help keep your body busy so that it doesn’t have a chance to attack itself. Huh.

On the Baby and Future Babies…

26 weeks today and am I ever feeling pregnant now! The aches and pains I experienced when pregnant with Molly have returned in full force, making walking slow and moving around difficult. Ugh. It’s funny, a few weeks ago I was thinking “huh, I could handle having a third. It’s not so bad”. But then I tried putting on my pants and experienced stabbing ligament pain. Ya no. Two and through! As much as I’d love another baby, I cannot physically handle being pregnant again. It feels awful to say that, when some women who are having trouble getting pregnant or who can’t get pregnant would accept all the pain in the world to have a baby, but I just can’t. It leaves you feeling utterly defeated.
Also, I’m not a spring chicken anymore. Not once has my doctor mentioned my age (I’ll be 36 in two weeks!!) as a risk factor, probably because I did just have a baby 16 months ago who no complications (and to be honest I’d take serious offence if I was told I was high risk because of my age) but I don’t want to start tempting fate. Molly is extremely healthy and so is this baby and knowing I’ll have two healthy kids is more than enough for me.

On The Holidays…

I’m working today and then am off for two whole weeks!! Between now and going back to work on the 7th we’ll celebrate Christmas, ring in the New Year and wish me a happy birthday! There will be lots going on, and I’m not sure how much of a chance I’ll get to blog, so I want to take this time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years!

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