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Friday Ramblings

November 29, 2013

On Molly…

We continue to be astounded by our daughter! The other day she and I were in the car on the way to the doctor and to keep her entertained, we were going through animal sounds.
What does a sheep say? “Baaaaa”
What does a cow say? “Mmmmmm”
What does a cat say? “Mow”
What does a rooster say? “Cawk” (lol that’s my fave. Yes I’m a child)
I decided to throw her for a loop and said “what does and owl say?” I didn’t expect much in return but she piped up “ow-el”. I had no clue she knew that word!
Other words she’s using like a champ: baby (she pats my belly as she says this, so cute), cat, hot, hat, poppy (my dad), up, please (she strings up and please together when she wants up), all done (and especially done on it’s own), no (my favourite), cheese, apple, daddy, and occasionally mummy. It seems like there is really something new she learns every day!
As far as her health is concerned, Well. We could be doing better. I had a call today from day care saying she had a fever. A picked her up, took her to the walk in clinic who say she has fluid on her ears (ear infection) and also pink eye! Antibiotics and drops have been acquired. Poor baby. To top it off she has a cold and a cough as well!

On Me…

I’m having what you might call mild panic attacks at the thought of her having another seizure. My heart starts to race and I feel like I can’t breathe. It totally sucks. I know it’ll get better as time passes. They don’t make it easy on you, do they?
I’ve been sick all week too. Just a cold but a cold to a pregnant person is a whole new ballgame in terms of what I can take to feel better. The doctor I saw on Wednesday said I can take robitussin for my cough and that’s about it. But it’s something.

On the Baby…

23 weeks today and we have another wiggler in the midst! I’m feeling him from the outside all the time now, and he finally gave A the privilege the other night as well. Now that I’m on the other side of 20 weeks, I’m at the point where my due date is starting to creep up very quickly! There’s still a ways to go but it’s going to go fast. Especially once the holidays are over.

On That’s It…

Gosh am I ever boring lately. Not much happening when one and ones child is sick though I guess. We really have to get going on some Christmas preparation! Lights, decorations, shopping…all need to be done and we have just over three weeks to do it! Eek!

I’ll leave you with this adorable pic from last week (sorry if I’ve posted it already. I can’t remember!).


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  1. November 29, 2013 7:34 pm

    ahhh, she’s so cute!
    the second pregnancy does fly fast, it’s true…
    too bad on the ear infection 😦 Timothy had 4 of them in winter/spring when he started daycare (I am certain it was the same one that we just couldn’t kill… we would finish the antibiotics and 2-3 weeks later back on them)

    and the new baby is a non-stop wiggler, too!

    fun times 🙂

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