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The End of a Breastfeeding Era

November 27, 2013

I think we’ve just about completed the weaning process from breastfeeding. Molly nursed twice on the weekend, once on Saturday morning when we brought her into bed with us to play while we slowly woke up and once on Sunday afternoon when she was upset about something and grabbed at my shirt. She hasn’t since and before that the last time she nursed was last Monday!

It’s been a gradual process but I feel like it’s been an easy one to let happen. I haven’t denied her when she’s asked to nurse but I haven’t always offered it. After we sleep trained, we were down to nursing twice a day, mostly at her request. As time passed, and things got busy, she stopped asking to nurse in the evening. And eventually stopped asking for the morning too.

There have been occasions when I’ve offered. Those times are when Molly wakes up super early and I bring her into bed to nurse her just to stay lying down for a little bit longer 🙂 And of course the day we were in the hospital after she had her seizure I nursed her practically the whole afternoon. Both of us wanted that.

I’m going to miss it for so many reasons. I’ll miss watching her little mouth latch on. I’ll miss the feeling of her hand resting on my breast. I’ll miss the humming noise she made while she ate. I’ll miss having it as a tool to soothe and calm her when she’s upset.
But I’m happy to have a break before the baby comes and know that I’ll get to nurse again really (really) soon!

So here’s to 15.5 months of breastfeeding Molly! There were good times and bad times (mostly good) and I consider it to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

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