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22 Weeks – Baby #2

November 25, 2013

Uh, where do the weekends go? How do I not manage to find five minutes to write my weekly pregnancy update? Oh. Right. I have a 15 month old.

How Far Along? – 22 Weeks. Now that I’m on the other side of 20 weeks, time is just zooming by!

Size of Baby – The size of a papaya this week, around 8 inches long, 1.2 pounds, though our little man is probably bigger than that 🙂

Gender – We are playing for team blue this time around!

Picture22 Weeks baby #2 (1024x1280)

Holy frizzy hair batman. And do I ever look huge! A good example of how arm placement can work with you or against you.

22 Weeks baby #2 copy (1024x1280)
There. That’s better.

Maternity Clothes – Everything is fitting just nicely so far!

Stretch Marks – A few, but they’re very faint.

Weight – Up around 15 pounds. Baby is growing fast and furious!

Sleep – Ugh. Elusive. I’ve got a cold of sorts happening and have been coughing a bit too. Funny enough it was at this time during my pregnancy with Molly that I was super sick and ended up dehydrated at the hospital.

Movement –Tons. Our little guy is on his way to being a champion soccer player! He has his quiet days, but the movement is almost always there.

Symptoms – My ligament pain is getting worse. On Friday night I drove home after an evening out with some work friends and I think that sitting position did something nasty to my pelvic area. I was in extreme pain that night. It’s eased off, but still hurts. It’s funny, during the first bit of this pregnancy I was thinking “Hey, this isn’t too bad, I could do this again”. Then the pain hit and I was like, “nope”. Two and through! I love my children to the depths of my soul and beyond but pregnancy is not my favourite.

Cravings – This week I’m loving nuts, particularly cashews.

What Do I Miss – Movement without pain.

Nursery –Our master plan is to start Molly transitioning out of her room (which will be the baby’s room) by making her new room (currently the spare room) a play room of sorts for her. We’ll paint it and set up toys in there for her for when the baby comes. Then, once we’re ready to move the baby into his own room (it was around 3 months for Molly), we’ll get him a new crib, convert Molly’s into a toddler bed and move her on over. I’ve been pinning some colour/fabric ideas for decorating the baby’s room on my Baby/Kids Room Pinterest board.

Emotions – Decent. I’ve been tired and frustrated not feeling well, not to mention Molly has been dealing with the same head cold.

Best Moment of the Week – Baby related, just enjoying the feeling of him wiggling around inside me.

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  1. A Wee Nest permalink
    November 27, 2013 12:58 am

    Aww, you look great… and so happy! Sorry to hear about your pain and lack of sleep… I know how tough that is! You’re over the hump at least! x

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