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21 Weeks Baby #2

November 18, 2013

How Far Along? – 21 Weeks. More than halfway now!

Size of Baby – Who knows! He’s probably about a pound by now I guess, if not more.

Gender – Boy!


See below!

Maternity Clothes – Nothing new. I’m doing ok with what I have for now! We’ll see once the weather gets really cold 🙂

Stretch Marks – A few. I’ve really stretched over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been feeling it a lot

Weight – Up 12 pounds. At this point with Molly I was up 17, so that’s good!

Sleep – It’s been ok. This week was tough. The stress of Molly’s seizure left me with a horrible pain in the neck. It’s been hard to get comfy. Plus, baby boy is more active as the days go by, keeping me up sometimes.

Movement – Lots over the past week. I’m noticing trends, like he’s pretty quiet in the mornings but by the evening he’s crazy!

Symptoms – My ligament pain is getting bad again. Sigh. I suppose it’s my lot in life. This is the main reason I’m not a fan of being pregnant! I also have a stuffed up head most of the time and I noticed the other day in a window that I have a decidedly more pregnant looking walk.

Cravings – The other day I desperately wanted some sort of Chinese breaded chicken with sauce. I found a place that had honey garlic chicken that did the trick!

What Do I Miss – Super hot baths. I really could have used the stress relief this week!

Nursery –I think we’re going to get a new crib for the baby, something in a darker wood. That way we can use Molly’s current crib, which transitions into a toddler bed and then a double, for her when we move her into her new room.

Emotions – Not so good this week. I have mild panic attacks thinking about Molly’s seizure. I want to cry and lose my breath. Not fun.

Best Moment of the Week – Molly being fever free since Tuesday morning!


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  1. November 19, 2013 2:06 am

    You look so great!

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