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20 Weeks – Baby #2

November 9, 2013

How Far Along? – 20 weeks!! Halfway point!!

Size of Baby – According to the What To Expect app, baby is a banana this week, around 7 inches long (crown to rump) and 11 oz. But I happen to know that our wee man is bigger than that! At our ultrasound on Tuesday (19 w 4 d), he was already 13 oz!

Gender – It’s a boy!!


See below

Maternity Clothes – I picked up a couple more long sleeve maternity T’s, this time from Target. Super comfortable!

Stretch Marks – No change

Weight – 11 pounds gained in total. We’re doing great! I find not as hungry this time around. Though it could be that I’m just busier and don’t think about eating as much.

Sleep – Not great this week. The time changed messed Molly up big time with several early morning wake ups, and I’ve been having wakeful moments in the middle of the night. Sigh.

Movement – Most definitely! Last weekend I even felt him from the outside! He’s busting a move as I type 🙂

Symptoms – I’m starting to slow down. Things are getting a bit achy in the ligament department. It’s nowhere near as painful as it was with Molly but still not fun.

Cravings – Iced tea still but I’m trying not to indulge too much.

What Do I Miss – Caffeine (coffee level caffeine)…and that’s about it.

Nursery –I’ve started looking at fabric samples for curtains. But I’m not sure if I’ll have time to make them myself. We think we’re going to get a new crib, so that we can transition Molly’s into a big girl bed for her.

Emotions – This week has been rough. I’ve been tired, worked four days as opposed to my usual three, and my best friends dad died on Thursday (stupid cancer), which has been really hard on her and her mom. Since I love them and hate to see them sad, it’s been hard for me too. He was a really awesome guy. The only good thing about it is that he didn’t suffer long.

Best Moment of the Week – Feeling the baby move from the outside and finding out we’re having a boy!!


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