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Weekend Wind-Up

November 4, 2013

Our weekend was ok. We were all, Molly included, in a bit of a grump. No real reason, though I partially blame the time change (partially because that only affected Sunday. Saturday’s grump is still up for grabs).

We did manage to get some key organization done though. My job was the front hall. We have a very small entry way that leads into what the house plans refers to as a parlour. It’s a small space, not really big enough for a full living room set. We currently have a love seat and my piano in there. Because it’s so close to the door, it has become the catch-all space for shoes, boots, bags, hats and coats. It’s getting worse as it gets colder.
I weeded out a lot of the things we don’t regularly use (extra coats and scarves, mostly mine) and created a seating space (a bench) with baskets underneath for hats etc. and baby travelling paraphernalia. We picked up a new shoe rack, since our shoes inevitably end up outside of the closet. My next goal is to buy a shelf/hook combo to put on the wall so that our coats won’t get tossed on the sofa. We just can’t seem to get them into the closet šŸ™‚

A’s job was to rearrange the garage and the basement storage room. He did a great job! We took some pictures of some furniture we’re going to sell on Kajiji and will create more space. We took out all the baby stuff and put it in the spare room. We’ll be needing it soon! Eek! There’s still work to be done, with the two of us going through boxes and weeding out the junk, but at least we can easily walk into both spaces now!

On Saturday we made a trip to Ikea. I needed to pick up the change pad for the change table we have (of course only the one from Ikea fits) and I also wanted to get a table and chairs for Molly. She adores her new set! She spent a full half hour after we put it together moving from one chair to the other and back again. So cute!

And that’s really it. I didn’t get a chance to do my 19 week update this weekend. Time just seemed to fly away from me! But tomorrow is the big day, where we have the 20 week anatomy ultrasound and will hopefully find out the sex of the baby! I’m thinking boy but that’s probably because I ready have a girl. Fingers crossed baby cooperates! I’ll let y’all know how we make out šŸ™‚

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  1. November 4, 2013 9:29 pm

    I’m excited to hear what you’re having!!! Have fun tomorrow!

  2. November 5, 2013 11:06 am

    I have a shoe rack for my mess of shoes, but do you think I actually put them on it? Nope! I kick them off and they just lay on the floor in the garage. At least the thought is there šŸ˜›

    Fingers crossed for a healthy baby – regardless of whether it’s a boy or girl – tomorrow!

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