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Friday Ramblings

October 25, 2013

On Molly…

Not much new to report on the Molly front! She continues to marvel us with her expanding vocabulary and use of words at appropriate times. Animal sounds are big for her this week, with a more distinctive “meow” and “roar”. And has she ever got the hang of “no”! Ugh.
She only wants to eat now (at least at home) if there’s a fork or spoon in her hand. She’s not huge on veggies these days (though for the first time she ate sweet potatoes last night! She hasn’t liked them since starting solids. Apparently fries is the way to go!) but loves her fruit and loves meat of all kinds! Funny enough despite having practiced baby led weaning for the first six months of giving her solids and avoiding purées, I’m giving them to her now to help her get used to using a spoon! I wish I could say I was making them, but time is a factor so instead I buy organic pouches.

On Me…

Not sure if it’s excessive pregnancy snot or I have a cold brewing, but something isn’t right in my head (haha, obvious joke noted!). I’ve been feeling off all week. Fingers crossed it doesn’t amount to much. The last time I was sick while pregnant I ended up off work for a week, had a reaction to my antibiotics (hmm, Molly’s allergic to penicillin; would her symptoms affect me from the womb?) and finished up with a trip to the hospital being treated for possible dehydration!

On the Baby…

This is a particularly special time for me in pregnancy. I’m 18 weeks today and when I was 18 weeks 1 day pregnant with Molly, A and I got married. It’s amazing to think how we haven’t even been together for three years yet and here we are married with our second baby on the way 🙂
In other baby news, I’m feeling the wee one a lot more now! Little pops of movement quite regularly. It’s so reassuring!

On Shopping…

I popped out last night after supper to meet up with my sister to do a little maternity shopping! Thyme Maternity had a great sale on and I saved a ton! I picked up a winter jacket, a pair of skinny cords, a pair of yoga pants, two super cozy sweaters and some new undies. I’m almost all set. I still need to find a pair of skinny jeans. The ones they had were not flattering (I’m of the opinion that they should not make clothing for women larger than a size zero with any sort of patterning or embellishment on the thighs. It just doesn’t look good!).

On My Dream…

I had a mish mashed fantasy/sci fi dream last night! Not only were there aliens, but zombies too. Oh and Brad and Angelina. And their baby. Though it could have been my baby. That’s a bit of a fuzzy point. We (Brad, Angie and I) were part of a survivors group (like a Walking Dead) tying to escape the wrath of zombies and aliens. I woke up before the story could end 🙂

Happy Friday!

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  1. October 26, 2013 2:35 am

    The Thyme store here closed earlier this year and I’m so bummed about it! Now there’s no where but Walmart and Target to buy maternity clothes in town, boo!

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