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Friday Ramblings

October 18, 2013

On Molly…

Well. I suppose bedtime for Molly can’t go well every night. Since sleep training her a couple of weeks ago, she’s been going down really well. She may fuss for a minute or two but no screaming and she’s out within five minutes.
But yesterday a combination of teething (a molar has popped through) and a late nap made bed time a nightmare. Finally at 9 pm,after numerous attempts by A at calming and reassuring her, I ended up rocking her to sleep. It was perilously close to my bedtime, I needed her to sleep and it was one of those times where only mama could help. It may set us back but it may not. At least it’s Friday so if things go south tonight I’ll be home on Saturday (I was off yesterday and working today to accommodate an appointment for my day care provider…her almost four year old broke her arm last week, poor thing).
In other Molly news, this morning we were having our morning nurse when suddenly she pulled off, looked up at me and said “all done!” She’s so smart 🙂

On The Baby…

I’ll do my 17 week update over the weekend but I had my monthly OB appointment yesterday. All is well! My blood pressure is great (70/100, exactly what it was last time) and baby’s heart beat is strong and steady! It was my first time hearing it, so it was extra special. For whatever reason at both the ultrasounds I had the tech didn’t play it for me. I saw it, but no sound. I’m at that in between point where first trimester symptoms have eased and I’m sort fb feeling the baby move but not consistently. Sometimes I look at my tummy (the only sign something’s going on) and ask “are you there?” It’s great to have the reassurance that baby is just where it’s suppose to be!
Oh and we’ve booked our 20 week anatomy ultrasound! November 5th. Here’s hoping the wee one cooperates because we definitely want to find out the gender!

On Saturday…

I’m so excited! I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow! And I mean cut cut. Several inches, to just above my shoulders. I need a change and with my hair turning so curly over the past year, I want something that doesn’t seem so scraggly. Something a little more sophisticated.
After my hair cut, if the weather is nice, we’re taking Molly to a pumpkin farm! She’ll have a ball just running around 🙂
And then, to cap off the day, my parents are coming to babysit while we see a movie! Our first since before Molly was born! I collect Scene points and have six free movies to use.

On House Stuff…

I haven’t done an update lately as to any improvements we’ve done around the house. To be honest, there haven’t been that many! But I’m hoping to do a post on a few things we’ve done soon.

On TV…

We’re well into the fall TV season and all of our favourites (except suburgatory) are back on! We’ve even added a new one, Trophy Wife. Thoughts so far…

-How I Met Your Mother – they’re apparently going to do Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend (which is when Ted meets his future bride) over the entire season! Kind of a neat concept. I’m finding the humour to be a bit old but since it’s the final season, we’ll see it though
-New Girl – there’s at least one moment in each episode that completely cracks us up. I Love the Jess/Nick relationship. They’re nuts!
– Trophy Wife – this is a funny show! I was hooked when we saw an episode where the dad was snooping on his daughters computer, trying to Google the boy she liked. Turns out he was updated her Facebook status with his search terms “ace mcbrady hot boy”. Hilarious!
– Modern Family – funny as usual, though getting a little old
-Elementary – we love this show. Johnny Lee Miller is awesome and though the stories are a little ‘borrowed’, they’re entertaining
– Vampire Diaries – Damon. ‘Nuff said.
– Walking Dead – soooo excited to be caught up but it’s so painful waiting a week to see the next episode!

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. October 18, 2013 1:01 pm

    You know I feel you on the sleep stuff. Gah! We had a disaster of a night last night too. I hope tonight is better fir you and Molly! Hang in there! You are so right… That it can’t go perfectly every night. Thank you for saying that! I needed to hear it!

  2. October 18, 2013 4:27 pm

    That’s so funny – I’m getting my hair cut Saturday and heading to the pumpkin patch that day too! Have fun!!

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