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Weekend Wind-Up – Thanksgiving Edition

October 15, 2013

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend! Here are the highlights:

– A’s parents arrived Friday afternoon! His sister J came over for supper and I made a really great batch of lasagna for dinner

– My parents hosted us and A’s parents for Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday, and as usual my mom’s turkey dinner didn’t disappoint! A’s parents headed home after dinner

– Molly learned to say ‘no’ on Saturday. It comes out more like ‘naaaaaaawwww’ but the meaning is clear

– Sunday was wet and rainy. We ran some errands, did some chores around the house (including a major clean up of the basement) and then headed to my parents again, this time joined by my sister and her family

– my dad bought a smoker over the summer and smoked ribs for dinner. Oh. My. Goodness. They were really good!!

– the weather was stunning on Monday, so we took Molly for a nice walk to the park in between doing more house chores (they never end!)

– Molly also learned to say ‘uh oh’ and it’s the cutest thing ever! She even uses it in the right context (after dropping something). Watching her mouth form the words is adorable

– I was lax with the camera but managed to take this gem at the park of my two loves on the swings (they have these cool saucer swings):


Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. October 15, 2013 8:01 pm

    very cool swings!!!
    i’ve never seen such swings in toronto

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