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16 Weeks – Baby #2

October 13, 2013

How Far Along? – 16 Weeks

Size of Baby – About the size of an avocado

Gender – No clue yet


Just for kicks, this is my photo from 16 weeks pregnant with Molly:

And this is me today (16 w 2 d):

IMG_1010 (960x1280)

Forgiving the blurryness, I think I look slightly smaller right now! And yet I’m pretty sure I’m not.

Maternity Clothes – Oh hell yes. As soon as I announced my pregnancy, I donned the pants. So much more comfortable, even though they’re a bit loose yet.

Stretch Marks – No change

Weight – Still at four pounds gained, even after eating my mom’s Thanksgiving turkey dinner yesterday  🙂

Sleep – Not too bad, though Molly’s been up at 5am two mornings in a row this weekend. Ugh.

Movement – I’m fairly certain I’m feeling it. I may have even felt it from the outside yesterday, though there’s still a chance it was digestive issues.

Symptoms – Nothing major. I seem to be enjoying the bliss of the second trimester! Tired, hungry, nausea every now and then. My skin is super dry on my face, which isn’t normal for me. I’m most happy about the fact that I don’t have the ligament pain that started around this time with Molly and didn’t go away until I delivered. It wasn’t a pleasant experience.

Cravings – Still eggs benedict. I made it for breakfast yesterday (though the hollandaise was from a packet rather than from scratch).

What Do I Miss – Caffeine…and that’s about it.

Nursery –I need to hop on Pinterest and start gathering ideas.

Emotions – Great, especially since sleep training Molly has gone so well! She has her moments, but on the whole is really quite amazing.

Best Moment of the Week – Thanksgiving weekend with our families! We missed seeing A’s sister C and her fam though. But his parents came here, which was a nice treat and we had dinner with my parents yesterday. It’s great to have our families get along 🙂

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  1. October 13, 2013 9:03 pm

    You look terrific – and I think smaller this time too!

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