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Our Trip To Newfoundland, 2013

October 10, 2013

We had a lovely trip to Newfoundland (aka ‘The Rock’, a nickname given for very obvious reasons). It was not my first time there; I was born there! We moved to Ontario when I was 7 and ever since I’ve been back countless times.

We spent most of our time at my parents house (they vacation there twice a year) around the bay (because you literally drive around a bay to get there), where we ate, relaxed and made it outside when the weather was good. Which, sadly, wasn’t a whole lot of the time. But by the time the day of my cousin’s wedding arrived, the sun was shining and the skies were blue. We saw gads of my family, including six of my dads seven siblings (eight in total, four boys, four girls) and I believe I counted 11 of my 18 cousins (there are 20 of us on that side). In between the wedding and the reception we drove around St. John’s a bit, visiting Signal Hill (it’s not a trip to Newfoundland without a trip to Signal Hill!) and Quidi Vidi, which was cool because this small little village was featured in an episode of the Amazing Race Canada.

Here are some of my favourite pics! I strangely didn’t take that many.

Our first day there and Molly found herself a gravel pit 🙂

DSC_6406copy (1280x848)

Freshly picked blueberries! Yum! Also fresh in our kitchen was cod tongues (my absolute fave!), cod and freshly baked sweet bread (also called Trapper’s Bread).

DSC_6416copy (1280x848)

Our little town’s harbour. It was sunny some of the days we were there…

DSC_6425_edited-1 (1280x848)

Molly trying to put on her shoe (my parents are in the process of finishing up some renovations…our house is over 100 years old!).

DSC_6435_edited-1 (1024x1280)

You can’t get more typical Newfoundland weather than this

DSC_6436_edited-1 (1280x848)

Standing on the rock out front of my grandparents house (now my aunt’s weekend getaway). My sister and I LOVED playing on this rock when we were younger. I love that Molly will get to experience that too as she grows up.

DSC_6440_edited-1 (848x1280)

Cabot Tower, Signal Hill, St. John’s

DSC_6442_edited-1 (848x1280)

Our cute family 🙂

DSC_6444_edited-1 (1280x1024)

St. John’s

DSC_6476_edited-1 (1280x848)

I’d like to pause for a moment and re-introduce you to my daughter, Harriet Potter (she had a run-in with the pavement on the hill leading up to my parents house)

DSC_6460_edited-1 (1024x1280)

A Newfoundland dog…I want one!! Did you know they have webbed feet?? Adorable.

DSC_6481_edited-1 (1280x1024)

Molly LOVED the dog.

DSC_6485_edited-1 (1280x1024)

View from Signal Hill. I can’t remember what this place is called…fort something? Googling…Amherst! Fort Amherst. It’s on the other side of the Narrows, the entrance to the St. John’s harbour.

DSC_6490_edited-1 (1280x848)

Also narrow (apparently Newfie’s don’t mind a tight fit!), this is the entrance to the Quidi Vidi harbour

DSC_6499_edited-1 (1280x1024)

Little houses/buidings on (literally) the harbour

DSC_6503_edited-1 (1280x848)

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  1. Rex Tucker permalink
    October 11, 2013 7:25 am

    Now that I know you love Cod Tongues so much I will try and get you some for your next visit or your mom and dad can take some back with them. Then I can get the details of the fight over them. Great pictures and Newfoundland is beautiful for sure.

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