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15 Weeks – Baby #2

October 7, 2013

How Far Along? – 15 Weeks (plus 3 days at the time of posting)

Size of Baby – About the size of an orange.

Gender – Not sure yet. We’ll find out in November. I’m easy either way. A boy would be awesome, because then we’d have one of each and can experience raising a son, but a girl would be amazing too. Molly would have a sister, something I value greatly, and then there’s the fact that we have all this girl stuff 🙂


15 Weeks - Baby #2

Maternity Clothes – I’m definitely wearing them when I can. My non-maternity work pants don’t fit at all. I do have a couple of pairs of non-maternity jeans that fit, but they dig into my tummy a bit and they’re just not comfortable. I don’t need maternity tops yet. I have to pick up some long sleeved ones, as well as a maternity winter coat. I’d try and make due with what I have, but I often find myself on the train platform and in the middle of winter in Ontario where temps can hit -30 degrees Celsius with the windchill, I don’t want to be caught without warm clothing!

Stretch Marks – Just a few light ones remaining from when I had Molly. Nothing new from what I can tell.

Weight – Up four pounds from when I got pregnant. Having the stomach flu last month helped curb any major weight gain 🙂

Sleep – Not too bad this week. Molly had horrible sleeps in Newfoundland, but this week she’s been sleeping through the night most of the time.

Movement – I feel like I’ve felt the baby here and there but nothing consistent.

Symptoms – Fatigue, but it’s not as bad as in the first trimester. I was plagued with a horrible tension headache most of this week. I had a massage today which I’m hoping worked out the kinks in my neck.

Cravings – It’s not a craving, as in I don’t want it ALL the time, but I’m really enjoying eggs benedict

What Do I Miss – I kind of miss the ‘new’ feeling of being pregnant, where everything is novel and amazing. I’m still amazed by what my body is doing by growing a human being, but it’s just a different feeling. It’s hard to explain.

Nursery – For the first few months the baby will be in our room (in the pack and play) and Molly will stay in her crib. Once the baby arrives, we’ll start work on getting the spare room transitioned into Molly’s ‘big girl’ room. When we’re ready to move the baby into the crib, we’ll move Molly into a ‘big girl’ bed.

Emotions – Decent. I had a breakdown Friday night but that’s because we started sleep training.

Best Moment of the Week – I had my niece CJ on Friday and mentioned I had a baby in my belly (she’s almost 4, she gets it). Her response? “No! Another one? Again?” Haha!

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  1. October 7, 2013 1:31 pm

    Ahhh, I also kind of miss the magic of the first pregnancy. I also try not to think too much about whether this is the last time ever I am pregnant. We are undecided yet whether we’ll have a third one – but the mere thought of the possibility of being pregnant for the last time is depressing.

  2. October 7, 2013 6:34 pm

    What a cute little bump you have already!
    Have you thought about getting something like a Bella Band? It helps your pants stay up in those weird “too small for maternity pants but too big for normal pants” stages. I loved mine! Although nothing helps in the “I’m so huge I just want to wear nothing” stage, lol.

  3. October 8, 2013 1:55 pm

    I kind of wish G was old enough to tell me what he thinks about a baby being in my belly. Or at least understand he needs to be gentle. Right now he likes to press on on my belly and say “Bee bee!” I’m curious to see if the baby tries punching back down the road 🙂

    • October 8, 2013 2:07 pm

      Bee bee, that’s so cute! I’m trying to get Molly to say baby. She’ll do it every now and then…
      Over the weekend my niece (almost 4) asked how another baby got in my tummy! There’s something to be said for them being too going to know 🙂

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