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Friday Ramblings

September 20, 2013

On The Baby…

Hello second trimester! I’m 13 weeks today and other than being tired, and scattered bits of nausea, all is well! I’ve got a bump happening and am at that awkward in between stage where maternity clothes are comfortable but not fitting quite right and my regular clothes fit but are a bit uncomfortable. Good times!

On Molly…

Having the stomach flu and a whole bunch of teething over the past few weeks has derailed my weaning efforts. How can I deny my little girl what comforts her when she’s not feeling well? It’s going to be hard but I’m going to try again when we’re back from vacation. It’s selfish but I would like a break from nursing before the baby arrives and I breastfeed for another year or so.
Along the same lines, we need to make some changes in Molly’s sleep habits. It’s time for her to learn how to sleep on her own. I haven’t been ready up until now and there’s no way it will work if I’m not committed.

  • So big things happening in a few weeks!

    On Walking Dead…

    We finished season three the other day without even realizing it! We thought we had more episodes left. Apparently not. We popped the next Blu-ray Disc in the other night and discovered only the features were left. Oops! Granted, as we were watching that last episode, it definitely had the ‘finale’ air about it. Stuff went down!! Crazy stuff.
    So now we’re all caught up and are eagerly awaiting season four along with everyone else…which will be in…Googling….a few weeks!!! October 13. Yahoo! I was expecting the spring, like Game of Thrones. Whew.

    Happy Friday!

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    1. September 20, 2013 1:08 pm

      I felt the same way about nursing. I wanted a break and my body back to myself before I had to start again.

      I hear ya on the maternity clothes. The only ones I’ve worn have been cargo pants, because they’re comfy and my regular jeans are not. But they’re still a bit too big and I’m constantly hiking them up 🙂

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