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Friday Ramblings

September 13, 2013

On Molly…

I feel like something clicked for Molly this week. She’s sleeping better, understanding us better and having an amazing time at day care! She’s a bit grumpy today but that can be chalked up to the tooth that’s trying to push it’s way through (one of her lower lateral incisors). She said ‘hot’ this morning, grabbed her change pad the other day when I said I needed to change her bum and has been quite the babbler this week! She ‘tells’ me all about her day when she I get home from work.
It’s pretty obvious that we’re completely enamoured with her!

On Vacation…

We’re heading off on vacation soon and I couldn’t be more excited! We’re going to Newfoundland! But I’m also a little apprehensive. I’ve never travelled with an infant before and it’s going to be interesting. Our flight is 3.5 hours. I have no doubts that Molly can be as good as gold, but there will be moments when we’ll have to keep her in place and she doesn’t take well to being restrained. She has this screech that grates my nerves. My plan: I’m going to load up the diaper bag with Molly-friendly toys and activities, and also pack a lot of snacks. And then there’s the boob. I’ll hopefully nurse her during take-off and landing and my fingers are crossed that she’ll sleep at least part of the way.

On Fall Wardrobe…

Ahahaha, you thought I meant for me I bet. Wouldn’t that be nice? Nope. My clothing needs are in the back burner for a bit. Molly has been the priority, especially with the cooler weather finally upon us (I have NOT enjoyed the heat wave we endured this week in Toronto).
Here’s how it went down:
From Joe Fresh I picked up three pairs of jogging pants, a pair of grey leggings and a two toned purple sweater dress.
From Target I picked up a three pack of Carter’s long sleeved body suits, a pair of jeggings and some socks.
From Old Navy I picked up a pair of jeans, a pair of fleece pants, half a dozen long sleeve t’s and sweaters and a grey cardigan (30% off sale!)
And from Carter’s I picked up a package of white short sleeve body suits (for under tops and sweaters), a fleece pant, sleeveless hoodie and long sleeve body suit set, a Halloween top and a fleece lined fall jacket 🙂
Together with some things I have from my sister that were CJ’s and I think we’re good for a few months!
I’m all about comfort when it comes to dressing Molly. She’s extremely active and I like her clothes to reflect that. I’m not really a bows and ruffles person but love bold, bright colours, so that’s what I focused on. As far as sizing, everything I bought was 12-18 months or 18 months.
It was a ton of fun, more fun than it would be shopping for myself right now. I’ll get to me soon though, don’t worry!

And with that, my wee girl is asleep. I’m going to put her down and try and do a few chores. I’ve got a crock pot full of chili simmering away and the weekend ahead if us.

Life is grand!

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