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What’s Molly Doing…

September 8, 2013

We are really enjoying Molly at this age (almost 13 months), watching as she explores and learns. I wanted to write down some of the fun things she’s doing and thought I’d share!

She LOVES throwing her diaper in the garbage. Loves it. The look on her face after she tosses it in is priceless!

When she meets new people, she grins and points at them. Several times now she’s charmed the ladies at the Tim Horton’s drive thru

She runs. Everywhere.

She’s started throwing mini tantrums. They don’t last long and if they do it’s because she’s tired.

She’s figured out how to take the lid off her puffs container.

Subsequently, she’s figured out how to dump the contents of her puffs container on the floor.

She’s figured out that if she throws something in the toilet and flushes it, it disappears (so far nothing of value…I hope).

She understands instructions and follows through with her actions “Where’s your milk?”, “can you get mummy the nursing pillow?”

For her birthday she received some play food sets from her aunt, uncle and cousins. In each food set there were two slightly different but similar eggplants. She brought me both eggplants! She matched things!! Without prompting! She did something similar last weekend with shoes.

She shakes her head ‘no’ and tosses food off her high chair when she’s done. We’re trying to curb that behaviour 🙂

If you ask “where’s Molly’s nose?”, she’ll touch her nose!

Sitting in chairs or on the sofa (which she can now climb onto) is her new favourite thing.

She tries to jump and it’s the cutest thing! She bends her knees and pops back up.


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  1. A Wee Nest permalink
    September 8, 2013 11:11 am

    Wow! She’s getting so big… and she is sooo cute!

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