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Friday Ramblings

August 30, 2013

On Molly…

Our wee miss has been under the weather this week. After a hard day at day care in Wednesday, she came home feeling warm. No fever, but warm. The next morning though she had a 99.5 degree fever. Not high but enough that we couldn’t send her to day care. Since I missed a couple of days of work last week myself, A agreed to stay home with her – his first full day on his own! They did very well together, just as I knew they would.
She was still not herself this morning, though fever free. She was up in the night with a 100.5 degree fever and had trouble settling back to sleep. Infant Advil eventually kicked in and she went back to sleep.
I have a feeling it may be a delayed reaction to her MMR vaccine that she got a week and a half ago. I’ve read that it’s common for it to present a week or more later.

On The Biggest Loser…

No, not the show. Me. I’m the biggest loser. And here’s why:
After commuting into the city using the GO train (one of the public transportation systems in Toronto and the surrounding area) for more than 10 years, last night I got on the WRONG TRAIN and ended up going in the complete opposite direction from home. I. Was. Livid. And mortified.

The worst part? I left work early to get an early train so I could get home to my sick baby!! The next worst part? Recognizing there were two trains leaving at the same time but going in different directions, I actually mentally reminded myself to make sure to get the right train! And I still got on the wrong one.
I ignored the train announcements, as I usually do having heard them a bajillion times before, and it wasn’t until we started moving that I realized I’d screwed up.
I got off at the first stop and luckily the next train heading back took only a few minutes to arrive. But while the wrong train I had taken was an express, this one back was an all stop. So it took twice as long to get back to Toronto. Sigh. My normal train home is at 4:53 but I ended up getting the 5:20. Despite leaving almost an hour early from work, I got home even later than usual.
Thankfully my darling hubby had had the foresight to pop out with Molly and pick up a pizza, so dinner was ready when I got there.
What a day!

I hope everyone has a happy labour day long weekend! My niece CJ is off to her very first day of junior kindergarten on Tuesday. I can’t believe how grown up she is!

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  1. August 31, 2013 11:03 am

    Timothy has had a fever of over 100 for the past 36 hours and some diarrhea yesterday… he also had his shots a week ago – I didn’t even consider it could be a delayed reaction…

    He was in daycare, they left a message on hubby’s ceel which he didn’t see for about 3 hours 😦 By the time I came to pick him up, he was lying there on a pillow, all weak and miserable 😦

  2. A Wee Nest permalink
    August 31, 2013 1:50 pm

    Aww. I have those days! Points to the hubby for organizing dinner! Have a great long weekend. 😀

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