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Weekend Wind-Up

August 6, 2013

Did I really just have four days off? We were so busy it certain doesn’t feel like it! Let’s break it down:

Friday I ran some errands with Molly. We hit up the bank, the grocery store, and to her delight, the party store!
You see, in a few short days my darling baby girl will turn one.

One! And I thought the weekend flew by!

A and I are hosting a birthday party for her this Saturday, and I needed supplies. There are so many shapes and colours there, Molly just loved it! She also loved charming the people in the check out line, the store staff…you name it, she had them smiling with her chatty antics!

A was home early, which suited us just fine. And surprised me with some ‘for no reason’ flowers’! So sweet.

Burgers for supper, followed by a decent bedtime and a movie for mom and dad (we watched the new GI Joe) would have made for a lovely evening IF Molly hadn’t woken up at 10:30 and stayed awake for a couple of hours :-(.

Saturday morning eventually arrived and after some cleaning and Molly’s morning nap, the three of us packed ourselves off to the mall to buy A some new clothes. While he shopped, I ran around the store after Molly. She adored running through the clothes aisles (it’s like a maze!), though I have to say, they really should consider ticking price tags away. Baby. Magnets.

After the mall we went home for Molly’s nap (which if i remember correctly didn’t happen…I napped instead while A entertained her). When I woke up, we headed out once again, this time to Costco where we stocked up on chicken, pork chops, sausage and salmon, amongst other things. I thought it was interesting that the check out helper refused to pack our cart, claiming liability because Molly was in it. I’ve never had that happen there before! It does make sense but I wonder if that’s her rule or the company’s.

We picked up pizza on the way home and ate outside for the first time on our patio! It’s sooo nice out there. I love it! We do have a couple of wasp friends to bs wary of. They must have a nest somewhere close by.

Sunday was much the same as Saturday, just substitute an outing to the mall for an outing to IKEA. It was an uneventful trip thank goodness. The most exciting thing that happened while we were there was that Molly lost a shoe! I backtracked our steps and found it underneath a bin we’d stopped at.

Monday was chores around home. I did some much needed gardening in the front garden. The day Lillies I separated and transferred have not fared well, so I cut them down in hopes of them growing back nicely next year. Fingers crossed!
Another BBQ and dinner outside (complete with our wasp friends) rounded out the long weekend nicely!

In other news, one year ago today I went into labour! It was around 7:30 pm on the 6th when I had my first real contraction. Molly wasn’t born until 11am the morning of the 8th (do the math and wince). It was the most surreal, most exhausting, most rewarding experience of my life. But I’ll write more about my baby turning one in a few days 🙂


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