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Friday Ramblings

August 2, 2013

On the Baby…

Separation anxiety is still in full swing. Molly had some sad days at day care this week, poor thing. But as soon as I get home in the evening, she’s right as rain! Once I’ve nursed her she’s happy to go off and play. Sleep has been a bit better since one episode of pick up/put down we had earlier this week. I haven’t had to do it again (thank God…it took an hour and she screamed the entire time), choosing the peaceful nursing to sleep option when I can. She’s still waking up but settling back quickly most nights.

On Awww…

Last week when I went back to work, I walked into the photocopy room and was instantly drawn to the bulletin board where I found these pictures of Molly pinned up:


Our little ladybug on Halloween

12 (1280x848)

After her bath, only a few days old

Awww! It really made my day 🙂

On the Patio…

I cannot believe I haven’t posted a pic of the patio yet!! Going back to work has thrown me for a loop I guess. Well here it is, dining set and all!

DSC_5933 (1280x848)

This was the space before:

DSC_5367 copy (1280x848)

We quite like it. We decided to get a new BBQ. The one we had was ancient and falling apart. It was also quite big, with extra burners we just didn’t need. A found this adorable Coleman BBQ at Canadian Tire. It’s meant for smaller spaces and since we’re not elaborate grillers, it fit our needs perfectly!

On the Garden…

Last week my sunflowers started to bloom:

DSC_5909 (1024x1280)

Today I discovered a very helpful friend taking advantage of these bright sunny gems:

DSC_5930 (1280x848)

Here’s hoping he’s doing his job and helping my vegetables produce!

Speaking of helpers, I have a budding gardener on my hands…

DSC_5944 (1280x848) DSC_5934 (1024x1280) DSC_5921 (1280x848)

Happily I’m a fan of kids playing in the dirt! In fact, I think it’s essential to developing a healthy immune system.

And that’s about it for this Friday afternoon! A is home early, which is a great start to this holiday long weekend!


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  1. August 5, 2013 6:08 pm

    Your patio is gorgeous! Between that and the sunflowers, it reminds me a lot of me & my husband’s first house. We had a cute little patio and sunflowers too 🙂

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