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Friday Ramblings

June 27, 2013

On The Baby…

Our wee one cut a new tooth this week, interrupting our nights with periods of just being awake. Sigh.
She’s working on her walking but still prefers to crawl if she can.
Last night she was watching A outside talking to the landscaper and said “da. Da. Hiya”. At least I think it was hiya. I’m certain about the da da’s though. So cute!

On The Babies…

Today is my last day watching CK! It’s been an experience, that’s for sure. It took us awhile but we found our groove. There were a few days where I just wanted to give up but we survived. He’s really a great little guy and I love him sooo much but his personality is quite different from Molly’s. I guess it’s good practice for baby #2!

On Being Impaled…

Impaled probably isn’t the right word. But it certainly felt like I’d been stabbed when I ran into the pointed metal end of the baby gate a couple of weeks ago. Right in the spot where groin meets thigh, that little dip just before the, uh, sensitive area. When it happened, I doubled over and dropped to the floor, crying. I had visions of blood gushing from the open wound, of my uterus being irreparably damaged and not able to have any more children. I get dramatic when I’m in pain. But the pain gradually subsided. It bruised a little, not as much as I thought actually. But there is a bump there; a sub-dermal hematoma perhaps? I have no idea. If it doesn’t go away in a few days I will go to the doctor.

On The Nightmare of Bathing Suit Shopping…

As if it wasn’t hard enough finding regular clothes to fit. Sigh.
We’re probably going to the cottage this weekend and I want to be able to go in the water! So the other day I hunted out my bikinis and bravely tried them on. The bottoms are decent. I’m a bit wider in the hips but otherwise the same. The tops however. Well. They don’t exactly provide the coverage I need now.
So off I went on Wednesday night to find a new suit.

Bad. Awful. Yuck.

My problem is that I have a small band width but a larger cup size. All the tops I tried on did not have an adjustable band.

Yesterday I tried again and thankfully lucked out at Target. I found a bikini top with a tie around the neck and a tie around the back so I was able to get the cup size I needed and do it up. The colour compliments the bottoms I already have, so I didn’t worry about those and I didn’t shell out a ton of $$ for it. Yay!

On The Heat…

It’s not just hot. If it was hot I could handle it. No, here in southern ontario we get the heat with insane humidity. Whoever thinks Canada is cold, I challenge you to come to Ontario during the summer! It may read 26 degrees Celsius on the weather reports, but right next to it in tiny numbers is the “feels like” temperature, often 10-15 degrees higher! It is not a good situation for my hair, which turned half curly after Molly was born. I keep joking that there has to be a second kid in order to make my whole head curly!

On Google Reader…

Google Reader is going the way of the dodo it seems. I never used it personally. I’m old fashioned and use bookmarks, though I’m currently trying out Feedly to see how I like it. This is a reminder to switch over to a new reader which will import your Google Reader links!

On Canada Day Long Weekend…

Canada Day falls on a Monday this year, giving everyone a lovely long weekend! I hope my fellow Canadians have a safe and happy time, whatever you’re up to!

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