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Weekend Wind-Up

June 18, 2013

Father’s Day weekend was quite the success! Here are the highlights:

  • Molly slept all night Thursday!! The entire night, no waking! Other than my boobs feeling like they were going to explode, it was bliss!
  • Friday night we picked up a stand alone, cantilever umbrella at Target for half price! Such a steal. Though why summer patio furniture is on clearance and pretty much non-existent now in a lot of stores before summer has even officially started is beyond me. We will now have some shade in our west-facing backyard.
  • I was a cleaning machine on Saturday! My floors were particularly messy after a week with the kiddies.
  • I put together our new umbrella almost entirely on my own. I love it! But in the process of doing so, managed to get my first (and hopefully last) sunburn of the year. Ironic since I was putting up something to keep that from happening.
  • My kick-ass hubby fixed the dip in the front patio and put the wall back together in the front. We just have to get the plants in now. Rain on Sunday prevented that from happening.

    IMG_0716 (960x1280)

    Still a bit more to do, but the hard stuff is done! Yippee!

  • Father’s Day was great! Molly and I gave A the pictures I posted in a desktop three-way frame to put on his desk at work (I want to try and make it a yearly thing). After we woke on Sunday, I made belgian waffles using my new waffle iron! They were amazing! I whipped up some fresh whipped cream and chopped some strawberries to put on them along with maple syrup (or Aunt Jemima in my case…horrible for me I know, but I prefer it to pure maple syrup)DSC_5215 (1280x1024)
  • DSC_5224copy (1280x848)
  • We had the birthday party for my friend M2’s little girl on Sunday. She’s two! The party was at a kids play centre and Molly had a blast! She jumped right in with the other kids (all older than her) and held her own. I have no worries about her in a day care setting. She particularly loved the little red cars. I shot this video of her pushing one around and around
  • On our way home from the party she fell asleep and we drove about fifteen minutes north, roaming around for 45 minutes. It was a lovely day for a lazy drive
  • We had an impromptu BBQ at my parents Sunday night, just the four of us and Molly.
  • A and I watched Warm Bodies and Jack the Giant Slayer over the weekend. We really enjoyed both movies!

And that’s about it. Five weeks left until I’m back to work 😦 I guess the count down is on…

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  1. June 19, 2013 11:20 am

    I’m jealous of those waffles. Seriously.

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